The Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The average cost to paint kitchen cabinets is a few thousand dollars. That’s Kimberly Painting pricing in the Cumming area. This pricing depends on several factors that include the size of the project, materials, labor, and repairs. Naturally, we can’t give you the exact cost to paint your kitchen cabinets … Read More

Painting Over Wallpaper

Yes, You Can Paint Over Wallpaper! Before you decide to paint over wallpaper, keep these considerations in mind. Condition The wallpaper should be in good shape. If it shows signs of peeling or tears, do not proceed. Painting over these imperfections won’t fix them. In fact, it will only highlight … Read More

Bathroom Color Ideas

Get inspired by these bathroom color ideas and include the master and guest bathrooms in your upcoming interior painting project. Relaxing Blues and Greens Blues and greens, when accented with whites or wood tones, offer a relaxing, natural look that many spas try to emulate. Blues combined with whites can … Read More

How to Choose Bathroom Paint Colors

What Color to Paint Your Bathroom? Bathroom paint colors can be fun, dramatic, elegant, relaxing, fresh, modern, industrial, or vibrant – take your pick. The key is to select colors that personalize the space for you and your guests. Before you select your paint color scheme, review our tips on … Read More

Exterior Curb Appeal

To maximize the look of your home from the street and in photos, implement some of these exterior curb appeal tips. Even the smallest changes drastically increase buyer interest and offers if your home is for sale. If you’re not selling, add beauty to your home’s exterior for your own … Read More

Front Door Paint Colors and Exterior Trim

Exterior paint offers one of the best returns on investment of most home modifications or repairs. Front door paint colors are a great place to start when both maintaining and updating the look of your home. Exterior Paint Ideas for Doors and Trim The Classics These three basics match almost … Read More

Exterior House Paint Ideas

Exterior house paint ideas can come from anywhere: Your favorite color, the neighbor’s home, an old tree out front, the interior colors of your foyer, or even something from a magazine. Consider these popular colors for inspiration. Exterior House Paint Ideas from Subtle to Bold Gray Gray combines modern sensibilities … Read More

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