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What Professional Painters say about Painting in the Fall

Is house painting in the fall a good time? What do professional painters say?

Temperature and moisture are both important when it comes to painting. It also depends on whether you are doing exterior or interior painting and what kind of paint you are using.

Since Marietta can experience humidity, you’ll want to be mindful of the season you choose to paint in. Fall can certainly be a good painting season, just keep these tips in mind.

Painting Temperatures

The ideal temperature according to professional painters is generally above 40 degrees. Some high-quality paints can even withstand 35 degrees.

There are 2 problems with house painting in the fall - cold weather:

✔  The cold does not allow the paint to dry properly and may result in an unfinished look.

✔  If you are painting indoors, the cold makes it inconvenient to open windows and doors to air out the paint smell.

Whether you are painting indoors or outdoors, just be aware of the temperature.

While summer temperatures are more reliable, we understand that it can be uncomfortable to work in the heat and humidity.

If you are enjoying a mild fall or it is early fall, then it may actually be a perfect time. In mild fall weather, it is neither too hot nor too cold. Your paint will dry perfectly, and you can enjoy the pleasant weather while painting and airing out your house.

Painting and Moisture

Moisture is also problematic to painting, making winter an especially bad season for exterior painting, and possibly posing hazards to spring and fall painting.

If any kind of moisture gets into the paint, especially as you’re applying the paint or drying it, the moisture can ruin the texture and the finish and force you to have to redo the paint job.

It can also ruin the quality of the paint.

Spring and Summer Painting

Weather can be unpredictable in the fall and winter, so it’s best not to take your chances with any exterior painting.

Try to get your exterior painting done in the spring, or even better, the summer. That way you will not have to worry about risking rain and cold.

However, if the summer is too hot for you, then early fall can be a great time, too.

House Painting in the Fall and Winter

Fall and winter are best for indoor painting only, assuming you don’t mind some paint fumes. Paint fumes can be a problem though, especially if you are painting large areas.

Try to choose a day or a week in the fall when you’ll be able to open your doors and windows without letting in cold or moisture to damage your hard work.

If you absolutely love fall weather, then you are in luck! Fall can be a great time to call interior and exterior painters, as long as the weather is mild enough to dry the paint and air your house.

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