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What is VOC and Why Is it Bad in Paint

As you’ve done your research for paint companies and paints, in general, you’ve likely come across the term “low-VOC”. You know it’s a good thing.

But what is VOC, and why do paint companies advertise their paints as low-VOC? The following is everything you should know about VOC.

What Is VOC?

First, what is VOC? VOC is an abbreviation for volatile organic compound – which means it vaporizes quickly at room temperature. Let’s learn more about volatile organic compounds and why they can be dangerous for our health.

In paint, formaldehyde is a common VOC. While safe for the newly deceased, formaldehyde is toxic to humans in every form, including as vapor.

Formaldehyde is not the only VOC in paints, but because of its fame among volatile organic compounds, it’s the easiest to use as an example.

Why are there toxins in paint?

Obviously, anyone with a sound mind would never pour themselves a glass of paint and drink it. In that regard, it’s not unreasonable to think that toxins are normal in the paint.

The fact that the toxins are airborne after the application of paint is where a headache occurs, literally.

Organic compounds are necessary to keep the pigment, liquids, and additives together so they can be spread on the wall.

These are called binders and every paint has them. It’s also helpful to speed up the evaporation process in paint so that you can get your room back to normal shortly after painting it.


Of course, VOCs are not the only way to both work as a binder and help the paint dry.

The good news is, there are paints with both low and no VOCs. The fumes of these paints are not only safer to breathe, but they’re also safer for the environment.

You could paint your house green and be green at the same time by using a paint that’s only marginally more expensive than a conventional high-VOC paint, but also retains its color and appeal for years longer.

Now that we’ve answered the question “What is VOC?” – you may be wondering what sets Kimberly Painting apart from other painting contractors.

What Kimberly Painting Uses

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