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To Paint or Not to Paint? See Our Summer Checklist!

Looking for a great way to spruce up your home? Paint is one of the most cost-effective and dramatic ways to impact your space. It gives a new, updated, and fresh look that will have the neighbors talking.

If you want to optimally invest in redecorating or changing up your landscape, then paint is often the perfect solution! One of the great things about painting is how quickly it can be done. And how soon you will see a dramatic difference.

Man Removing Brown Window Shutter - Cumming, GA - Exterior Painting Project - Kimberly Painting ContractorWhether you are doing the job yourself or hiring exterior painters in Cumming, you will undoubtedly love the results you see from your new paint job.

Painting is a great way to give both the interior and exterior of your home a face-lift.

And while the job isn’t too much work – considering other DIY jobs you could take on – we understand your desire to be absolutely certain that painting is the right decision.

That’s why we have made the following exterior painting checklist of scenarios in which it’s probably time for you to paint the outside of your home.

Exterior Painting Checklist

✔ Fading color – Even the most vibrant of paint colors will end up fading and looking lackluster over time. A high-quality paint job done by professionals can last up to a decade.

But eventually, everyone’s exterior needs a little freshening up with a new coat of paint.

✔ A chalky residue when you touch the paint surface – If you run your hand along the exterior of your home and end up with a chalky residue, the paint job is breaking down into a loose powder.

Chalking will occur over time, but it happens faster with a poor exterior paint job. A good power wash and a new coat of paint will solve this problem in a hurry!

✔ Soft or rotten wood – When it comes to your home’s exterior, painting is not just cosmetic. The paint on your home protects the wood, stucco, metal, or plastic that is your home’s core.

If the home has been neglected and is long overdue for a paint job, you may find that there is soft or rotten wood on areas of the home’s exterior.

✔ Cracked or peeling paint – When peeling paint exposes the material underneath, moisture can seep into the home and cause serious damage. Not only is cracked or peeling paint an eyesore, but it is also a threat to your home’s structural integrity.

The experts at Kimberly Painting are meticulous and skilled. We use the highest quality paint products to ensure the lasting protection your home needs. Call today for your exterior painting consultation in Cumming.

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