Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

Brighten the Room by Removing Textured Ceilings for a Smooth Finish

Popcorn ceiling is the most common type of textured ceiling we remove. It is described with the look of cottage cheese, bumps, or bubbles on the ceiling.

Fortunately, the popcorn ceiling removal process is easier than other textures and, therefore, less expensive.

The stipple ceiling texture is another we commonly remedy. It is a hard paste or plaster that is applied to the ceiling by hand with a brush. It's typically characterized by swirl patterns and sharp edges.

The stippled texture is considerably harder to remove than the popcorn texture and leaves more damage to the drywall. Thus, additional patching and sanding prior to painting are required.

Stipple Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Textured Ceilings vs. Smooth Drywall

Popcorn Texture

House Painter - Kimberly Painting - Popcorn Ceiling RemovalPopcorn ceilings were popular many years ago, but are now considered out of date.

In homes built before 1977, popcorn ceiling was installed containing asbestos.

  • Popcorn ceilings are difficult to maintain. Spider webs, dust, and dirt get trapped in the rough texture, making them hard to clean.
  • Moisture and cleaning also loosen the plaster causing it to crack or come down.
  • They are difficult to repair. Patching is a lengthy, tedious process and still may not match the existing texture once the repair is complete.

Smooth Finish

A smooth ceiling finish offers many benefits in addition to a modern style.
Interior Painter - Kimberly Painting - Cumming, GA - Popcorn Ceiling Removal - Before and After

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Easy to repair.
  • Brightens the room and visually raises the ceiling.
  • Can be installed in moisture-heavy areas of your home such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

Below is an outline of the popcorn ceiling removal process - turning a ceiling with popcorn texture into a smooth drywall finish.

  • The process is essentially the same for stippled ceilings. It just takes longer to remove and there is more extensive patching of the drywall needed after removal.
  • We spray the popcorn texture with water and gently scrape it off. This creates quite a mess so it is very important to thoroughly cover the floors.
  • In some areas removal of the popcorn texture removes part of the drywall cover and patching the ceiling with drywall compound is necessary.
  • Once the drywall compound dries, these areas are sanded smooth and then primed.
  • After the primer is applied, the second round of more refined patching is done to achieve a completely smooth beautiful new ceiling.
  • Then the finish paint may be applied.

Experience and Skill You Can Trust

Kimberly Painting has completed many textured ceiling removal projects over the years. We know how to take care of your home and keep it clean and are experts at achieving a smooth brand new looking ceiling.

The process described above is considerably harder than it sounds and requires quite a bit of skill.

Rest assured that we have the experience to complete popcorn ceiling removal in a professional manner to achieve a beautiful result.

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