Save Thousands Painting Aluminum Siding Versus Replacing It On Your Cumming Area Home

Yes. You can paint aluminum siding so it looks almost new again. Aluminum siding is renowned for its strength and durability.

When maintained, aluminum siding can last over 50 years. One enormous benefit is that water and moisture seldom get past it to damage your home's structure or interior.

Painting Aluminum Siding - Tan Two Story with Dark Shutters White Trim - Kimberly Painting - Cumming, GA But though it's tough, it's not invulnerable.

Severe weather events such as wind, storms, hail, floods, and tornadoes can damage the siding.

It is prone to dents from hail or from mechanical damage such as a ball hitting the house or a lawnmower kicking up rocks.

How The Weather In Cumming Affects Aluminum Siding

The Cumming area enjoys a consistent yearly climate with the extremes being 15° F during January to a sweltering 95° F and beyond in July.

Aluminum siding handles cold weather well, but prolonged exposure to the sun's harsh UV rays in summer causes the paint to fade. In addition, the effects of oxidation and weather scratch, peel, or chip the paint and sometimes cause a chalky finish.

Preparation And Product Choice Are Crucial When Painting Aluminum Siding

Paint Aluminum Siding - Blue and Tan - Kimberly Painting - Cumming, GAKimberly Painting has been transforming aluminum siding in the Cumming area for over 15 years.

Before painting begins, we carry out meticulous surface preparation methods to include:

  • Thorough cleaning of the aluminum siding with high-powered washing equipment combined with a mixture of water and a commercial-designed detergent.
  • Remove paint chips, flaking, peeling, and any other form of paint degradation. This ensures that we have created the best surface to apply fresh paint.
  • Apply a protective primer coat. Primer gives the topcoat greater adhesion.

To complete painting aluminum siding, we apply a durable exterior latex paint that offers vibrant, fresh color and added protection against the elements. Color matching is available should you prefer the same paint color or wish to match the color of a friend or neighbor's home.

Great Reasons To Choose Kimberly Painting

Kimberly Painting house painters are known for integrity, principled business practices, and expert knowledge.

  • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • We show up when we say we will. You can rely on our commitment to be punctual in our dealings with you.
  • Your personal project manager supervises the job through its completion. You may contact your manager via mobile phone to keep communication open and responsive.
  • Browse third-party verified customer testimonials.

To learn more, view our house painting FAQs, visit our gallery, and scan exterior painting services.

We look forward to providing you with a free, written estimate for painting aluminum siding on your Cumming area home.

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