Cumming Residential Exterior Painting Company

Is it time for you to paint the exterior of your Cumming home? Call Kimberly Painting for a free onsite consultation and we will advise you how we can make your exterior look and feel like new again. Here are some signs that indicate it is time to paint the exterior of a home:

  • Fading of the color
  • Rubbing your hand across the paint leaves a chalky residue on your hand
  • Cracks in wood or siding
  • Areas of the home where wood is soft or rotten (black spots or shrunken, spongy, or crinkled areas on the wood)
  • Cracking or peeling paint that shows exposed wood

Contact us and we will provide a free quote to get started.

Painting at the Right Time

The paint on your home’s exterior is not there just to improve its appearance. It is intended to protect the home’s core (wood, stucco, metal, plastics, etc.). When paint becomes thin, weakened, or cracked, moisture can begin to attack the materials underneath.

If you wait too long to repaint your exterior  it could end up costing you more than getting it done in the first place:

  • Damage to the property in the form of rotten wood, siding, doors, and windows.
  • Possible water damage inside the framing or walls due to water penetration.
  • House starts becoming an eyesore in your neighborhood.

Ensuring Quality through Preparation

Kimberly Painting ensures a superior quality paint job for your entire exterior. Our experts care about the job preparation details that make a good paint job into a great one! Not only are we meticulous and skilled, but we use the highest-quality painting tools and paint products to provide the protection and beauty your home needs.

Our detailed exterior painting process involves these steps:

  • We thoroughly pressure wash all areas to be painted. This removes all mildew, debris and loose paint to ensure a solid foundation for the new coats of paint.
  • We scrape any loose or peeling paint not removed from the pressure washing.
  • We apply a coat of primer paint to any bare wood or metal to make sure the outer coat of paint lasts.
  • We caulk joints of wood, siding, windows, and doors to create a strong, protective seal.
  • Our team completes any carpentry repairs included in the contract to provide a long-lasting result.
  • We use the highest-quality longest-lasting premium paints to extend the life of your paint job and provide a 5-year warranty on our work.
  • We thoroughly clean up after ourselves each day.

The result of our process is a stunning, professional look to your home that will last years. Call us now for your exterior painting consultation in Cumming.