Deck Sealing, Staining, and Repair

Renew Your Deck's Functionality and Natural Beauty

The Cumming elements are hard on decks. Deck sealing is a valuable part of your exterior home maintenance and far less expensive than dealing with safety issues, wood rot, or other costly repairs.

Kimberly Painting will pressure wash, seal and stain your deck when it's part of a complete exterior paint job.

Deck Sealing, Staining, and Repair - Cumming, GA - Kimberly Painting

Deck Sealing Process

Kimberly Painting begins with skilled pressure washing, cleaning, and any necessary repairs. Nothing makes a deck look better or last longer than removing dirt, grime, and other contaminants that damage the wood.

Next, we coat the surface with one or more layers of a specialty finish that penetrate the wood for a water-repellent, mildew-repellent protection. Our products and application process stand up to foot traffic, screen out UV rays for maximum life, and spotlight the character of the wood for an attractive result.

After the cleaning, repair, and sealing are complete, deck restoration won't be needed for many years under normal wear and tear.

Why Safety is a Priority

In addition to appearance and functionality, the safety of your family and guests makes proper maintenance a wise investment.

  • Though mold and mildew cannot be entirely avoided due to their organic nature, excess moisture and a lack of consistent cleaning allow them to thrive. Most homeowners don't realize that mold is slippery when wet, which becomes an unexpected safety hazard.
  • Mold is also a sign of inattention to maintenance as it is often accompanied by other problems such as graying, rotting, and splintering wood.
  • Like mold, wood is a natural organic. It swells and shrinks in response to the Atlanta area's daily and seasonal humidity levels. Without regular sealing and waterproofing, moisture swells cause nails to protrude dangerously and the wood to warp and crack.

Our sealing services are designed to protect the wood from fading, warping, splitting, peeling, and cracking to produce longer lasting results.

Whether you've got a brand new deck or just need maintenance, depend on Kimberly Painting for professional, lasting deck sealing, staining, and repair.

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