Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Transform Your Kitchen into Fresh and Fantastic

Kimberly Painting craftsmen are experienced in cabinet painting, refinishing, border, molding, walls, and ceilings.

This distinctive service allows you to accomplish a whole new look in your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of replacing your cabinets. We can also customize the appearance of new, unfinished kitchen cabinetry.

Cabinet Painting Services

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Refinishing - Kimberly Painting - Cumming, GA - Kitchen cabinets with white semi gloss enamel paint

Color options abound if painting your cupboards and cabinets is your preference. We specifically recommend washable but durable paint products from trusted national brands that resist chips and peeling.

Whether your cabinets are new, you want to change their color, or you'd like to convert wood cabinets to a painted finish, Kimberly Painting has the expertise to provide lasting, beautiful results.

We also offer hardware and hinge upgrades upon request.

Cabinet Refinishing Services

Accentuate the unique character, grain, and style of your hardwood cabinets with stain colors ranging in a spectrum from very light to very dark.

We can stain and refinish new kitchen cabinets and cupboards or just apply a clear finish to seal and protect the wood.

We can also strip the existing finish and then re-stain, seal and protect. Again, hardware and hinge upgrades are part of our service as requested.

Our Process

Unless we are working on the interior portion of your cabinets, removing dishes and other items in your cupboards is not necessary. We do ask, however, that you remove valuable breakables and clear your countertops.

To begin, we take off all hardware and protect areas that are not to be painted or stained.

The next step is to sand surfaces, make any repairs, and thoroughly clean and vacuum the cabinets to remove remaining dust and grime.

Now the transformation begins. We first add a coat of primer or stain, then the first coat of paint, varnish or enamel. Last, we apply the top coat, let it dry and then reassemble your cabinets.

Additional Services

Interior painting of walls, ceilings, bathroom fixtures, border and molding, cabinets, and countertops.

Exterior painting of wood, stucco, vinyl and aluminum siding together with chimney caps, masonry, stairs and railings, and wrought iron. Accompanying services:

Ready to save so much money giving your kitchen a whole new look with cabinet painting or refinishing?

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