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Why Repair Cracks and Dings Before An Interior Painting Job?

Finally, it’s time to change things up in your home in Atlanta. The “yesterday” look that you’ve grown accustomed to is finally ready for an update.

You’re armed and loaded with paint samples and color swaths and have some great ideas. A new interior painting job isn’t just about a change of color. Your home will improve for a number of reasons, not just aesthetically.

An Interior Painting Job Begins With Inspection

If you inspect your walls closely, you’re likely to see dings and subtle cracks infiltrating your drywall.

These are mainly cosmetic in nature and happen over time. Reasons include:

✔ Furniture banging into walls as it gets moved

✔ Houses settling (and resettling) over the years

Some of these flaws can even be hard to see and may only be noticed when the sun is at the perfect angle. Or when the overhead light is on.

All of these flaws, though, have an adverse effect on the quality of a home. They tend to drive the value down and are subtle reminders that some home improvement needs to be done.

Why Hire a Professional?

Painting, in and of itself, is a stressful endeavor. From worrying about the proper equipment you need to purchase to prepping – such as taping and tarping – there’s a lot going on with any interior painting job.

When you add sanding and prepping drywall to the mix, painting becomes more than a weekend job. It becomes an arduous chore that would vex many amateurs.

The Big 3 – Caulking, Spackling, Sanding

Caulking, spackling, and sandingCaulking Window Before Interior Painting Job are the big three components of handyman work before an interior painting job begins.

It’s not that any of these are particularly difficult. But they are quite difficult to do right for people who don’t do them daily.

Caulk, for example, is not only messy but almost impossible to clean if it’s not applied correctly.

Sanding is as easy as rubbing sandpaper in the correct spot, but if you over sand you’ll have a spot that sticks out on your wall.

Along the same lines, spackle is easily applied, but texturing it to match the rest of the wall is easier said than done.

Professional painters also have access to high-quality materials and tools. This, combined with their skills, results in a smoother and more polished finish. A well-prepared surface is essential for achieving a professional-looking paint job.

Not Repairing… Repairing it Wrong… Don’t Bother Painting

Exterior House Painting - Kimberly Painting - Alpharetta, GA - Blue paint alligatoring crackingThe hours and expenses that go into a new interior painting job definitely warrant doing it right.

Imagine spending hours on something, only to have one imperfect spot. Then, having to start all over again!

That’s why it’s so crucial to fix these imperfections before the paint job begins. It’s not as if these cracks are a forewarning of the imminent doom of your structure. They are typically cosmetic in nature and easy to ignore (because of the difficulty of the repairs).

Ignoring the problem is literally like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. It doesn’t even come close to fixing your problem; your problem will simply be a different color.

Nothing to Stress Out About

Luckily, you have the option to hire a premier painting company in Buckhead Atlanta.  Kimberly Painting does more than just paint your walls. They make sure your interior painting job is perfect.

✔ They take the time to inspect what needs to be fixed

✔ They use a comprehensive strategy for repairing blemishes

✔ Only once the wall is perfect will the paint be perfectly applied

Your “yesterday” look will become “today’s” look soon enough.  But trust the experts to take the time to make sure that your interior painting job will be something to be proud of.

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