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Professional Painter vs DIY House Painting in North Atlanta

Hiring a professional painter serving all of North Atlanta has many advantages over attempting a do-it-yourself (DIY) project.

Let's look at the 7 benefits of hiring a professional painter like Kimberly Painting.

1. Quality Results

Kimberly Painting has the experience and expertise to deliver high-quality results. Here's how we surpass do-it-yourselfers.

Experienced Professional Painters:
Our team of expert painters know how to achieve a professional finish that can be difficult to replicate with DIY efforts.

Whenever you hire anyone to work on your property, you want to find someone who will diligently see the project through from start to finish.

Kimberly Painting provides you with an assigned project manager (often the owner, Mark Sharpe, himself) who will oversee your project and make a final inspection once the work has been completed.

Our painters and project managers pay careful attention to detail. We also make sure the painting process is performed in the correct order. This level of detail ensures professional quality every step of the way.

Expert Surface Preparation:
Proper surface preparation is critical for a lasting paint job. Kimberly Painting excels at this aspect, ensuring that the surfaces are clean, smooth, and free of imperfections before applying the paint.

Unfortunately, the all-important preparation step is often overlooked in hasty DIY projects.

There are expert techniques used to paint various parts of a home’s exterior and interior rooms. Applying these techniques makes all the difference in the finished project.

Your home may feature intricate designs, angled ceilings, and other obstacles that make it difficult for the untrained individual to handle the job.

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Extremely Pleased!

My experience with Kimberly Painting was exceptional! The team was extremely professional, attentive to details, efficient and took special care of personal items and the home, while they were painting. The crew was timely each day and completed the job in the timeframe that was established in the statement of work. I was extremely pleased with the quality of work performed!

Kelli H.

Transformed Our Fixer Upper!

We bought a fixer upper house and hired Kimberly Painting to repaint the entire interior before moving in. Great people, great work. They transformed our fixer upper into our home. Quality work performed on time with attention to detail. We will be hiring them again to transform the exterior also.
Mary C.

2. A Professional Painter Uses the Right Equipment

Our teams are equipped with state-of-the-art tools for a more efficient and effective painting job. DIY painters may not have access to professional-grade equipment, which can affect the quality of the finished work.

Painting Gear:
It takes more than a paintbrush and paint to complete the job. You need caulk, patching tools, masks and safety gear, and more. Then there are painting applicators and spraying tools to get even coats and certain finishes.

The price of tools, supplies and materials will start to add up. You may not even know the best kinds of each tool to get.

Painting can involve working at heights and handling hazardous materials. Kimberly's professional painter team is trained in safety procedures. We have the necessary equipment to protect our crew and your property, reducing the risk of accidents.

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Impressive Work!

We had the entire exterior done just before Christmas. Everything about this project went well. The crew was efficient, punctual, friendly and their quality of work is excellent. We did a complete 180 with paint colors and they didn’t miss a spot. When they left each day, they left the property pristine storing the materials and equipment out of site. I was fascinated how quickly they were able to complete the entire house. I chose them from the impressive work they had done for a neighbor and was more than pleased with the decision. The price was very reasonable, I really appreciated the way Mark offered suggestions and didn’t oversell me. I’m sure I’ll be a repeat customer when the time comes. Other neighbors have already indicated their interest in calling Kimberly Painting. Save yourself the hassle of multiple estimates and give Mark and team a call.

Susan E.

3. Time and Efficiency is Important to North Atlanta Homeowners

Painting a room or an entire house can be a time-consuming task. Hiring Kimberly Painting saves you valuable time.

We work with you to schedule your project when it's convenient for you and when other factors, like the weather or temperature, are favorable for painting.

We'll complete the job efficiently and with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Our professional painter crew follow a tried-and-true process to ensure uniformity in paint application, minimizing streaks, drips, or uneven coverage.

This consistency leads to a polished and professional appearance.

Stress Reduction:
Hiring a professional painter allows you to relax, and focus on other aspects of your life while knowing that the painting job is in capable hands.

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They Were Quick!

Kimberly painting did a great job repainting every room of our house. They were quick, efficient, and did a great job. They cleaned up when finished and helped put larger items back on walls. We would use them again.

Jeanenne L.

Worked Faster Than Expected!

Kimberly Painting is awesome! They did both exterior and interior painting for us. I really liked our crew of both men and women. I was completely comfortable leaving them in my home. They worked faster than expected and they were quick to do any touchups. They arrive on time, and clean up every day. The price was exactly what the estimate stated. We wouldn’t use anyone else!
Marika S.

4. The Right Kind of Paint

Not all paint is created equal. With this in mind, a professional painter can help you to know what kind of paint is right for your project, whether it is on the inside or the outside of your home.

The type of paint a contractor uses is important. This may seem extraneous, but the right brand, shade, sheen and finish make all the difference in the world.

We use the two best paint brands on the marketSherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

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Quality of Paint was Fantastic!

Prompt, reasonable and way beyond my expectations. I will be using them again and referring them. Quality of paint and application was fantastic. The prep and cleanup was thorough and complete.
William F.

Still Looks Fantastic 6 Years Later!

Kimberly Painting painted the exterior of our home, replaced some rotten wood, and did some work on our chimney. They did an excellent job and completed the job very quickly. They were super professional and they gave us a very good price. They left everything very clean as well. Six years later the paint still looks fantastic! We would definitely recommend them!
Whitney S.

5. Design Advice from a Professional Painter

Many homeowners struggle when selecting what paint color, texture, and finish are going to look best on the walls of their home. Which colors achieve a more spacious feel or a cozier environment? Should doors and trim match or contrast? What color to paint the ceiling? Are there colors to avoid in certain rooms?

A professional painter who has knowledge and experience in the industry can provide valuable tips in this regard. Trust Kimberly Painting to help you fine tune the colors, schemes, tints, sheen and finish for your projects. Avert a design faux pas with our advice.

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Helped with HOA Color Selection!

Wow just Wow! Kimberly Painting is an excellent company to work with. I needed to get some exterior repair and full house painting done quickly, and they were able to get the job done! I am out of town so Mark was able to help with the color selection since I am in an HOA. The crew was polite and neat. Mark even called and made sure I was happy in the end. Great Job Kimberly Painting! I am looking forward to working with you again soon.
Pat K.

Overwhelmed by Paint Choices!

Mark and his team were incredibly professional and helpful and did a fantastic job in a very efficient manner. I was particularly grateful for the extra time that Mark took in reviewing color options and maintenance questions I had as I was a novice and was overwhelmed by the choices involved in such a serious purchase.
Kate B.

6. Stellar Reputation Across North Atlanta

You probably don't want to pick a random company to do your painting. We've often been hired to take over or repaint work done by other painters, or the DIY homeowners themselves.

Kimberly Painting earned our sterling reputation by putting our customers first.

Free Estimates:
We offer free detailed estimates and stick to them. Our clients can testify that our estimates are honest. And it’s much easier to work with a professional painter that gives you an itemized, detailed, written estimate so there are no surprises.

Kimberly Painting is a family-owned painting business, and have been since day one.

What does family-owned mean to you and your project? It means you are going to get the best service from a painting company that puts your needs first. We know that customer satisfaction is as important as the paint we use, which is why we treat every customer like they are a member of our family.

From detailed consultations to courtesy calls before and after each project is done, we make sure you are pleased with the results every step of the way.

BBB Rating:
While Better Business Bureau ratings aren't the single most important factor in finding a professional painter, their ratings do carry significant weight.

With our A+ rating, we can proudly say we make sure all of our customers are satisfied with the work we do, and we know you will be too.

Glad I Picked Kimberly!

I picked Kimberly Painting randomly, and I'm glad I did. They first painted my interior in 2021, and they just completed my exterior. Both times they did a beautiful job, and the team of painters are always kind and hard-working. The owner, Mark, is easy to talk to, and the prices can't be beat.
Lisa G.

Stepped In with Short Notice!

After an unfortunate situation with another company, Kimberly Painting stepped in with very short notice and did a fantastic job painting the interior of our home as well as our kitchen cabinets. They did a great job with paint and drywall. The guys were professional, easy to have in our home and always on time. We will definitely be calling Kimberly again soon.
Sarah L.

7. Cost Savings

Although it might seem counterintuitive, hiring a professional painter can save you money in the long run. Professionals use paint efficiently and prevent wastage, and their work typically lasts longer than amateur paint jobs.

They can also identify potential issues early and prevent costly problems down the line.

Competitive Pricing:
For top-level service, you would expect to pay top-level prices. But at Kimberly Painting, we make certain our services are reasonably priced and affordable for anyone.

While prepping your home for painting, our professionals know how to check for rotting wood, decay, and structural damage that could cause you more problems after the paint dries.

These problems should be remedied before a single layer of paint goes on to ensure that everything will look great in the end.

We can fix these problems before the paint goes on, so you won’t have to worry about them after the fact. We also help protect your home against water vapor leaks and other issues that may happen on your walls.

We're more than a professional painter. Instead of replacing expensive windows, doors, siding, and other exterior components, save thousands of dollars by tapping our talented carpentry repair team for the job. We offer light carpentry services to replace rotting wood, repair windows and doors, facias and soffits, siding and stucco, as well as masonry repair, stairs and railings, decks, and chimney cap repairs.

You don't have to worry about bringing in another contractor. Working with Kimberly Painting saves you money in the long run.

Five-Star Experience!

After interviewing several paint contractors, I hired Kimberly Painting to repaint my entire home interior, as well as the exterior shutters and front door. They also pressure washed the exterior trim and stained the deck. Mark, the project manager, was easy to work with and stayed in touch with me during the entire project. The price quoted was competitive, and the job was completed on time, and on budget. The Kimberly Painters crew kept the job neat and clean. Mark walked the job several times before he invited me for the final inspection. The one or two very small items I found missed were quickly and professionally addressed. This job was an excellent experience, an easy 5 stars. Thanks Kimberly Painting!

Gail N.

Priced the Job Fairly!

Kimberly Painting finished our exterior trim job today and we are thrilled with the result. Mark is extremely easy to work with, communicated well, and priced the job fairly. There were numerous significant repairs, and  this job was also a challenge because of the 3-story height, and the need to protect cedar shingle siding which was not in scope. Mark paired us with a great carpenter-foreman and friendly repair team who delivered the best experience and result we have ever had. It was worry free and that is saying a lot. They genuinely care about doing things right. We’re already talking with Mark about doing more exterior painting in the fall.

Pat J.

Best in the Business!

Kimberly Painting are the best in business out there! They will do an excellent job for a competitive price!! I would highly recommend them!!! Mark came over and checked the project and gave a competitive price for exterior painting and some interior panting. The crew came over on time and were very professional and clean. They also replaced some rotten wood with no additional charges. Recently I had a leak in the kitchen ceiling. I contacted a "dry wall specialist" to fix it and he made it look even worse than before. He got paid and disappeared. I was so desperate to get this fixed so I contacted Mark and sure enough he sent this very nice gentleman who took his time fixing the bad patch and repaint. I had another leak in the garage that the previous "dry wall specialist" didn't complete, and Mark was very kind to offer to fix it with no additional charges. Things got even better when the gentleman fixing the ceiling was able to find a matching paint to the garage ceiling that I didn't even know I have in my garage. This way I didn't need to pay for extra paint to repaint the entire ceiling again. Look no further for your painting job!!!!!

Rahaf B.

Didn't Nickel and Dime Me!

Kimberly Painting recently painted the interior and exterior of my new home and we were very impressed! The owner, Mark Sharpe, came out before we closed on the house and gave us a quote as well as some great suggestions on how to keep the cost as low as possible which we really appreciated! He had a team of 3 guys start the job on a Monday (a big job with 20-ft ceilings in a couple of areas) and they finished it on Thursday. Our head painter was Freddy and he did a great job and made sure everything was perfect before leaving on the final day. Mark, the owner, also stopped by to supervise the work and make suggestions. Very impressed with the integrity of this company. They were hard-working and honest people who didn't try to nickel and dime me. Will definitely use them again in the future!

Kathryn B.

How to Get a Free Estimate

Kimberly Painting has all of the materials, tools, and expertise required to get the job done quickly and perfectly. Sit back and let us do the dirty work as you enjoy your repainted spaces.

Find out how an experienced professional painter will benefit you more than trying to do it yourself or hiring a random contractor! Call today for your free, on-site estimate.