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Painting Your Home: How Hard Could It Be?

Painting Your Home - Taupe Interior Painting and Hardwood FlooringIf you find yourself dismayed by the scuff marks, the bad paint job, outdated wallpaper, or poor color choice on your walls, perhaps it’s time to repaint.

At Kimberly Painting, we share with you a few reasons why it’s best to leave painting your home to professional interior painters.

Prep Work

Unfortunately, painting your home takes a lot more than simply rolling a brush along the wall to get a good paint job. There’s a lot of prep work involved in the process. Contrary to what you may believe, the paint will not hide all the imperfections on your wall.

In order for a paint job to be successful, the wall needs to be as flat as possible. All nail holes, scuffs, and other irregularities need to be spackled (filled and leveled). The walls need to be scrubbed clean as well, as dust left on the walls will cause the paint to chip.

Prep work usually takes quite a while to complete. Save yourself the back-breaking work and relax as the professionals handle painting your home for you.


Even after the walls have been prepped, they aren’t ready to see the light of paint yet. First, they need to be primed. A primer seals the surface of your walls, providing an excellent base for the paint to cling to.

If you have spackled your walls, it is absolutely necessary that they are primed to prevent flashing—an unevenness in the finished coat of paint. Some areas will be thinner or thicker, and there could be shiny spots on the wall if a primer is not used.

A primer is essential in any high-quality paint job. Since it takes quite a bit of time to properly prime the walls, an interior painting service could save you the time by painting your home for you.

Lastly - Painting Your Home

Finally, we’ve arrived at the painting. To start off, which paint do you use? Depending on the kind of wall you have, different paints will work best.

Take for instance a wall with lots of surface irregularities.

✔ A flat-based paint will help camouflage some of the bumps and unevenness.

✔ A satin finish, on the other hand, is much easier to clean and offers a bit of a shine. But a satin finish will also highlight any imperfections.

Because there are so many paint options available, consequently it can be hard to know which one will be the best match for your wall.

When it comes to the process of painting your home itself, there are a lot of little things to remember. For instance, how to ...

✔  How to paint in the corners and at what point in the paint process to do this

✔  How to paint around light fixtures and doorknobs

✔  How to paint evenly without leaving streaks, and more.

An interior painter can save you the headache of dealing with all the niggling details.

When you are ready to give your walls a lovely new makeover, choose the interior painting professionals at Kimberly Painting. We’ll take the hassle out of painting your home.