Transform Your Kitchen (for a fraction of the cost of kitchen makeovers)

Have you considered updating your kitchen by installing brand new cabinets? Wait! Save thousands of dollars by painting kitchen cabinets instead.

Like any other room in your home, the kitchen is subject to wear and tear, and even more so since it is such a high traffic area.

Years of grease and steam from meal preparations eventually degrade the paint on your cabinets. There is also the problem of chips, scratches, dents, and dings caused by continuous use.

Painting Your Kitchen Fresh and Fabulous

Kitchen Cabinet Painting - Kimberly Painting - Cumming, GA - Light Oak Before
Painting Kitchen Cabinets - White AFTER - Kimberly Painting - Cumming, GA

Kimberly Painting is your specialist contractor in the Cumming, GA area for kitchen cabinet painting. We are also experts in molding, walls, and ceilings.

Cabinet painting is a highly-skilled, time-consuming process that can quickly go wrong if not carried out correctly. Many professional painters shy away from taking on cabinet painting simply because of the expertise required.

Kimberly Painting has been transforming kitchens in the Cumming region for many years. Our extensive knowledge and expertise ensure a professionally executed job from start to finish.

Not only can we repaint your existing cabinets; we can also strip stained cabinets and paint them to achieve the look you want. Check out our before and after photo gallery. In addition, consider having us replace damaged or worn-out handles, hinges, and brackets. New hardware adds character for a finishing touch.

The Transformation Process

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - Removing Old Cabinet Doors - Kimberly Painting - Cumming, GAAny good paint job begins with meticulous planning and preparation. We remove your kitchen cabinet doors and take them entirely back to bare wood.

Then we apply an oil-based stain blocker primer to the cabinets. We then sand your cabinets again. Finally, we apply the finish coat.

Kimberly only uses high-quality, durable paints for cabinets. Such as those found in our guide to the best paint for kitchen cabinets.

Choose the Mood or Style You Want to Invoke with Your Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Just like curtains, furniture, or soft furnishings, cabinet colors create a mood or atmosphere in a room. Your existing kitchen already has its own style, based on your current choice of colors, countertops, and furnishings.

Is your kitchen a constant hive of activity filled with people and energetic conversation? Or is this room a leisurely and tranquil space to relax and recharge?

Scientists have long understood that color has a direct influence on mood and perception. Companies spend millions of dollars to create the right color combination for their brand.

For example, red is said to stimulate the appetite and increase energy level in the space. It is the color associated with fire, and by extension, cooking and food. Yellow represents joy, happiness, and other positive feelings. McDonald’s color scheme can be translated as ‘the happiness of eating.’

Before you choose your new kitchen paint colors, consider how you use the space and what mood you want to achieve. Here are some kitchen paint color schemes worth considering.


Painting Kitchen Cabinets - White with Tan Backsplash Tiles - Kimberly Painting - Cumming, GAIf you remember the days from your high school art class, you’ll know that white (and black) aren't colors, but rather, shades.

White is considered traditional and timeless; it never goes out of style. If you have a small kitchen, painting your cabinets and walls white will immediately make your kitchen appear larger.

Because white is inherently neutral, we can successfully pair it with any other accent color.

Blacks and Grays

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - Cumming, GA - Gray and Black - Kimberly PaintingMany homeowners shy away from using black in the kitchen for fear it will be overpowering or that it may make their kitchen appear dark or dingy.

Nothing could be further from the truth. When combined with its diametrically opposed shade of white, it embodies function and utility.

Depending on the décor, grays immediately present an air of class and elegance.

Greens and Earth Tones

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - Cumming, GA - Green with off white wall tile - Kimberly PaintingGreen, in all its various shades and hues, is associated with nature.

When you combine green with browns such as brick or terracotta, you bring the elements of nature together in your kitchen.

The green represents plants, while the brown represents the soil and rocks.

These are an excellent color combination if you want to create a sense of peace and tranquility in your kitchen. A look inspired by nature can also give meals eaten in the kitchen a picnic feel.


Painting Kitchen Cabinets - Cumming, GA - Blue and Clay - Kimberly PaintingBlue is truly one of the most versatile colors. A light blue will conjure up images of peaceful skies.

Darker shades can be far more dramatic, invoking feelings such as the strength and power associated with the ocean.

A darker blue such as Navy is considered very solid and dependable and is often more forgiving of stains.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets? Let Kimberly Help

You may feel a little overwhelmed with all the color combinations we have mentioned. That’s quite understandable. You have virtually thousands of colors to choose from.

Kimberly Painting has been transforming people’s kitchens for years. One way we can help is with our color consultation service.

The designer can discuss color options and showcase a range of paint swatches for your consideration. This free service is just one reason Kimberly is considered the best.