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Can You Paint Over Wallpaper?

Yes, You Can Paint Over Wallpaper!

Before you decide to paint over wallpaper, keep these considerations in mind.

  • Condition
    The wallpaper should be in good shape. If it shows signs of peeling or tears, do not proceed. Painting over these imperfections won’t fix them. In fact, it will only highlight the problem and make the flaws more visible.
  • Texture
    All wallpaper is textured in some way, even if it appears completely smooth. When you paint over wallpaper, these raised elements are highlighted even more. So, if you are after a smooth, flat finish, covering the wallpaper may not be your best solution.

Painting Wallpaper vs. Wallpaper Removal

Removing Wallpaper is a Long and Tedious Job

Paint Over Wallpaper vs Wallpaper Removal - Kimberly PaintingProfessional painters use special equipment such as steamers.

You can rent or purchase this type of equipment, but most DIYers don’t have the experience to use them properly.

You'll also have the added cost of wallpaper removal and drywall repair tools.

It may not be worth your investment unless you'll use it repeatedly.

Affordable Interior Design

Paint over Wallpaper - White Gray Wall with Texture - Kimberly Painting - Cumming, GASimilar to interior painting or cabinet refinishing, it's an affordable way to redecorate.

And, depending on the wallpaper, the texture can be a plus in adding dimension and interest to the room.

Wallpaper removal adds more time and expense to the project.

Drywall Damage and Repair

The tools used to remove wallpaper carry some risks, especially for the DIYer.

Be prepared for drywall repair work to include filling, sanding, smoothing, and even replacement.

How to Paint Over Wallpaper

Have you considered the condition, texture, and seams of your wallpaper? And understand other factors involved in getting the results you expect?

Then the first coat should always be an oil-based primer. Otherwise, the wallpaper glue (currently dry and dormant) will get wet. It could be two months or two years, but eventually, the glue will leak through the paint.

After the primer is dry, paint over the wallpaper with your chosen finish.

Kimberly Painting provides experienced wallpaper painting or removal services, including drywall repair and carpentry.

Get in touch for a free, no-obligation estimate before you decide whether to take on a project like this yourself.