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Interior Paint Colors to Match Your Favorite Atlanta Sports Teams

Playing and watching sports are a huge part of the Atlanta lifestyle for many of our interior painting customers. Why not decorate the garage, family room, or a child's bedroom with your favorite Atlanta sports team colors?

Atlanta Falcons Football Paint Colors

The official Atlanta Falcons team colors are red, black, silver and white.

Atlanta Falcons NFL Interior Paint Colors - Kimberly Painting 800x200

Basement Sports Den or Man Cave

Imagine inviting the gang over for Atlanta Falcons games in your customized basement sports den!

Black or red painted walls ooze sophistication and power. The Falcons dark interior paint colors showcase fan merchandise like signed jerseys, posters, and banners.

Be sure the ceiling is repainted a crisp reflective white to make a dark painted room feel larger. And get rid of the popcorn or stipple ceiling texture.

Check out this video of an ultimate Atlanta Falcons fan and his custom painted and decorated sports man cave.

Atlanta Braves Baseball Paint Color Scheme

The Atlanta Braves team colors are scarlet red, navy blue, white and gold.

Atlanta Braves MLB Interior Painting Colors - Kimberly Painting 800x200

Family Room Makeover

Baseball isn’t called the national pastime for nothing. Summer wouldn’t be the same without the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd.

The Atlanta Braves logo uses a rich navy blue dark enough to surround the big screen television mounted on the wall or on an entertainment stand. Dark colors give your TV wall more of a theatrical feel. It also allows the colors of the screen to pop more vividly into the room.

Accent the room in red, white and gold for a home run in your sports-themed family room.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball Interior Painting

The Atlanta Hawks colors are Hawks red, Volt green, Hawks charcoal, and white.

Atlanta Hawks NBA Interior Painting Colors

Kids’ Rooms

Atlanta Hawks boasts playful colors that score fun in a child's bedroom. You could opt for bold two-tone walls or stripes, or paint the walls white and add accents in red and lime green.

Both dark and medium shades of blue pair well with the Hawks color scheme and also represent NBA colors.

Add basketball-themed decorations like netting around the light fixture or hanging from the ceiling to stash stuffed animals and lightweight toys. Add a backboard and rim on the door, and Hawks logo merchandise on the walls.

Atlanta United Soccer Team Paint Colors

Atlanta United FC colors are dark red, black, metallic gold, and dark gold.

Atlanta United FC Interior Painting Colors - Kimberly Painting 800x200

Home Office

Gold is the color psychology of achievement, accomplishment and triumph. In the home office, it promotes a goal for organization, attention to detail, and stability.

We suggest walls of Antiquity from Sherwin-Williams to match the team’s golden logo. For kicks, add subtle accents in Atlanta United red and black from book shelves to desk accessories to lighting.

Georgia Bulldogs College Team Colors

The Georgia Bulldogs colors are Bulldog red, Arch black, and Chapel Bell white.

Georgia Bulldogs Team Colors

Red Paint Colors Dominate the Playing Field

Feature the Georgia Bulldogs team colors in any room of your home. Red, black, and white is classic as an exciting, vibrant paint color combination.

Reimagine your kitchen with sleek white cabinets, white subway backsplash tiles, and a black granite countertop. Showcase the island in Bulldog red and add red decorative accessories.

All the Atlanta sports team we've featured include red in their color scheme. And that's no error. Red is linked to strong emotions like passion, power, and confidence. It boosts self-esteem and gives us more energy.

You and Kimberly Painting - a Winning Team!

The experts at Kimberly Painting can advise you on color matching and the best way to use sports team colors in your home.

Any State, City, or College Team Colors

Many local residents moved to Atlanta from other cities across the country, and brought sports team loyalty with them. That's great! Let us help you match those team colors for your interior painting project.

Arrange a no-obligation on-site estimate and we'll help bring your vision to life. Contact us today!