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How to Know Your House Needs Repainting

Is it time for repainting your house exterior?

A freshly painted house is a beautiful thing to see. Exposure to the wind, sun, and rain year after year can really do a number on the exterior of your house as the years go by.

The purpose of paint is actually to seal the surface it covers and protect it from damage. The beauty that goes along with it is actually secondary.

Signs of Exterior Damage

It is recommended that you thoroughly examine the exterior of your house every 5 years or so for any exterior damage.

When the paint isn’t doing its job anymore, there are some signs that will tell you that you have a small problem. These need to be taken care of before they become a very large and expensive problem.

Exposed Wood

An obvious problem would be one in which you can see bare wood. This means the paint has chipped or peeled off and the wood underneath is no longer protected from the elements.

Worthless Caulk

It is very important to check the caulk that seals the area where the siding meets with a door frame or window frame.

Caulk that needs to be replaced and is no longer doing its job will be brittle and no longer flexible. When it becomes brittle, it can no longer provide a seal between the siding and the window. Or the siding and the door.

If it has been pulled away from the siding for a sufficient length of time, then the surface underneath should be checked. Look for signs of wood rot or mold.


Mold is another problem because once it has started to grow, it may cover an extensive area and cause a large amount of damage.

Repainting Experts

As professional exterior painters in Buckhead Atlanta, we have the expertise to prepare the siding before repainting.

We know what’s necessary to prepare the surface to accept the paint properly before any painting is done. And apply the appropriate type of paint in the right amount of layers. All the while we are respectful of the homeowner and their property.