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How Did They Paint the Biggest Buildings in the World?

Tall Buildings - Petronas Towers - SkyscrapersFor decades, architects, builders, and financiers have competed to be part of building the world’s tallest structures.

Many buildings have held the title in the past. They include the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building in New York, and the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

Currently, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai towers above the rest at an astonishing 829.8 meters, or 2,722 feet! The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is currently under construction. It is rumored to tower above 1,000 meters!

These massive and beautiful architectural feats draw crowds from around the world. One has to wonder how painting buildings like these skyscrapers are accomplished. A simple ladder clearly won’t do!

Safety First When Painting Buildings

It goes without saying that safety is the number one consideration when painting one of the biggest buildings in the world. Numerous safety measures are put in place to protect not only the workers suspended in the air but the people on the ground as well.

It could be disastrous for a worker to fall. But it could also be disastrous if any equipment were to fall and come crashing down hundreds of feet. As a result, safety nets are typically hung below the workers to catch any falling equipment.

Suspended Scaffold

Depending on the height, shape, and needs of a building, there are several different ways that exterior painters get their job done.

For shorter buildings, scaffolding can be built up from the ground or possibly from a lower portion of the building to support the workers.

For the tallest buildings, however, painters typically use a suspended scaffold. This is a thin scaffold hung by ropes that the workers can move up and down the building as needed.

Height Access System

Another option used for big buildings is a height access system. The system is basically a harness worn by the worker that is roped to anchors on the building. This allows a lot of freedom in movement. Of course, numerous safety lines are worn to protect the workers.

Our experience as exterior painters in Atlanta over the years has helped us appreciate the work. And the awareness that has gone into painting some of the world’s biggest structures.