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How Did Our Ancestors Do It? History of House Painting

Even early humans had the urge to paint their dwellings and express their surroundings artistically.

In ancient caves in Europe, white paint shows scenes of hunting deer and bears. Likewise, in the Middle Ages, painting the rooms and facades of houses became a trade with protected guilds.

The urge to make our surroundings beautiful is understandable. It improves the mood of people and is at the heart of feeling at home in a building.

Here we’ll tell you more about the history of house painting and how it’s come to be such a central part of creating a great environment.

History of House Painting in the Middle Ages

History of House Painting - Middle Ages - Plaster Walls and ToolsSome of the first formal records of painters are from England in the 14th century.

At this time, painters and plasterers created guilds, which functioned to teach new apprentices and protect workers in a similar way as unions.

These painters would whitewash walls with paint that had an egg base and even create wall frescoes.

Modern Painting

House painting developed significantly with the development of modern paints, which are latex- and polymer-based. These materials only began to be developed in the 20th century, when the first polymer was synthesized and the age of plastics began.

These paints are hardier and easier to clean than older organic-based examples. You can choose paints that can be cleaned of scuffs and dirt more easily and stay glossy for years.

Today, a painting contractor has many options in terms of tools for getting clean lines across ceilings and floorboards. Foam rollers, painter’s tape, and paint guns are all modern inventions that a painting contractor in Cumming can use to make a house’s paint job look professional and clean.

Because modern paint dries quickly, you can also have your home painted in a few days, with your furniture ready to move back in soon. You will also have a wide variety of color choices from a number of quality paint companies.