Experience the Highest Standards in House Painting

After a fresh coat of paint, you can see the benefits of both interior and exterior house painting. But there are many more remarkable advantages of professional painting that improve your physical, emotional, and financial health.

Benefits of Interior House Painting

Interior painting can increase the value, and possibly the sales price, of your home without costly renovations.

✔ Painting the kitchen increases asking price by up to 7%.

✔ Painting the bathrooms increases asking price up to 5%.

✔ Painting bright-colored rooms to neutrals increases the asking price up to 3%.

Interior painting removes unhealthy buildups such as dirt, grime, stains, dust, and allergens that affect air quality in your home. It also helps to manage moisture – which can lead to damage to the structural integrity of your home if unchecked.

A quality paint makes your walls resistant to mold and mildew. During a paint project, we'll find areas that require repair, restoring health and longevity to the walls.

A new coat of paint does far more than change or freshen the color of a room. A professional interior paint job:

  • Brings your style and personality into the room
  • Creates a specific mood or atmosphere in the space
  • Improves lighting and affects how small or large the room feels (depending on your paint color choices).
  • Repairs dents, dings, chips, cracks, and holes.
  • Preserves energy efficiency, moisture barrier, noise deadening, and fire-resistant properties.

Exterior House Painting Benefits

Protect your investment and give your home a structural check-up. Exterior house painting can catch and control moisture or water damage, mold and mildew, insect invasion, energy loss, and other harmful elements.

✔ A fresh coat of paint and minor repairs can bring the asking price up by 5%.

✔ Compared to other renovations, painting your home is low cost with a higher return on investment.

A professional exterior paint job:

  • Gives you a healthy sense of pride whenever you come home or host guests.
  • Updates the look of your home to fit in, or stand out, in your neighborhood.
  • Match current aesthetic trends and styles.
  • Brings other needed repairs to light and increases the life of your siding.
  • Covers minor damage and blemishes.

House Painting is an Inexpensive Remodel

House painting is a quick and easy way to refresh the look of your home, give it a structural checkup, and add value to your investment.

Count on Kimberly Painter's professional house painters for quality and reliability beyond your expectations.