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Color Your Career: The Impact of Home Office Paint Colors

Now that home offices are here to stay in Atlanta, it’s time to think about the best home office paint colors for your workspace. Color affects your mood, but did you realize color can also affect your productivity, stress level, and concentration? The color of your office space is important.

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Best Home Office Paint Colors to Work From Home in Atlanta

Telecommuting saves you a lot of time. It also reduces your stress because there is no fight to find parking or frustration over highway gridlock. But did you know working from home is also saving Atlanta residents a lot of money?

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Elevate Your Workday: The Secret of Home Office Paint Colors

That’s right, your ability to work from home is saving you money. An article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution details a study showing workers in Atlanta hit the jackpot. On average, Atlanta residents saved $4,000 a year working from home. That is a significant amount of money.

Now you deserve to take a little of that savings and create the perfect work from home environment. You can start with perfect home office paint colors.

The right paint colors can:

  • Soothe your stress
  • Boost your energy
  • Help you concentrate
  • Improve your attitude
  • Invoke confidence and power

With these advantages, it’s time to think about some new interior paint for your home office. Take your home office space to the next level with quality, affordable interior painting by Kimberly Painting.

Beyond Aesthetics: The Functional Magic of Home Office Paint Colors

Psychology of color studies support theories that colors affect our moods and behaviors. We have long known that some colors make us hungry, and some colors make us calm. But how do we choose the best color for our work environment? Let’s look at the psychology of colors and your job setting to help you decide.

1. High-Stress Job?

Consider painting your home office in subtle shades of green or blue. Both colors have a calming effect. This is especially true if using muted and soft colors like the subtle gray-green of Evergreen Fog from Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore’s Smoke, with cool blue tones that are sure to soothe.

Sometimes an accent wall is the best way to bring color into a room without overpowering it. An accent wall of deep, relaxing Newburyport Blue is the perfect backdrop for your desk.

A dark accent is also a great option for a backdrop if you spend a lot of time on video calls or in video conferences.

Want a more vibrant blue that soothes and increases your energy? Try the bright blue tones of Oceanside behind your desk.

To keep the rest of the room neutral and light, include the cool white, Blue Horizon on other walls in the room.

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2. Need More Concentration?

According to the experts, green is one color that increases concentration. For a relaxing, mid-tone neutral green that pairs well with warm wood furniture, try High Park, one of the Benjamin Moore colors of the year. Neutral whites, greiges and gray are also great for your concentration as they limit external distractions and keep you alert.

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3. Increase Your Energy and Creativity

Reds and oranges increase our heart rate and make us feel like we have more energy. However, an entire home office painted red or orange is a bit much. Instead, try an accent of Firenze, a warm red–brown in medium tones. This color pairs excellently with White Vanilla to brighten the room. Add another accent of soothing gray like Charcoal Linen. Now your home office includes tones to relax or energize, meeting both your daily needs.

4. Bring in Positivity

We associate yellow with cheerful and positive feelings. You can bring these feelings into your home office using interior paint like Beacon Hill Damask. This warm beige color from Benjamin Moore has subtle yellow undertones to warm your space and bring in the positivity.

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5. Create a Powerful Backdrop

We have always associated rich, dark colors with power. If your home office is the backdrop for important meetings, consider a power color like Gauntlet Gray or Status Bronze on an accent wall to use for these meetings.

Home Office Paint Colors in Warm, Neutral Shades

Painting your home office in gray, greige or neutral colors is always an excellent choice. These colors will make the space feel large. In addition, neutral tones also keep your space bright by reflecting natural and artificial light. Bright areas keep you alert and aid in concentration.

With a neutral backdrop, like the very popular greige Mindful Gray, adding accents of color is easy. Hang a photograph you love of the blue ocean above your desk to relax you. You can even use fresh flowers in a red vase to re-energize when needed.

Now that you understand more about how the right color can improve your work, it’s time to plan your new home office paint colors.


  • Blue is calm and relaxing
  • Green quiets thoughts and helps with concentration
  • Neutrals bring in light and make your space feel bigger
  • Warm reds and oranges energize and aid creativity
  • Yellow gives off positive vibes
  • and dark colors are power colors, perfect for video calls
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Designing for Success: Unleash Potential with Home Office Paint Colors

Home offices were originally popular for the self-employed. In 2019, roughly 9% of employees in Atlanta reported working from home. That number surged to nearly 40% in 2022. This means we're saving money and significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions for a healthier environment.

If your home office is here to stay, let the experts at Kimberly Painting help you create a beautiful workspace with home office paint colors that improve the environment in which you do your best work. Call today for a free estimate.