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Spring Is Springing, Is Your Home’s Exterior Ready for the Season

With Spring already in the air, Cumming area spring exterior painting companies are about to be out in full force to begin sprucing up homes.

Spring is a great time for you to schedule to have your home’s exterior painted because the temperatures are perfect. And with the longer days and great weather, the need for an updated paint job will become quite noticeable.

At Kimberly Painting, we’ll take care of less than perfect parts of your home’s exterior before we begin the spring exterior painting job.

We’ve found that simple maintenance throughout the year will keep your home’s façade looking better for longer.  Below are a few simple tasks to stay on top of.

Replacing rotten wood

Unfortunately, wood is a material which requires some maintenance to keep it from rotting.

The most likely places for wood rot on a home are the window trim, windowsills, door trim, the soffit and facia and even siding.

By keeping the elements off the wood - by keeping a weather-proof paint or stain on it at all times - your wood will last a lifetime.  If it’s neglected, though, wood will rot quite quickly and can be costly to repair or replace.

Pressure Washing

pressure washer is a great way to rid your façade of grime and mildew.  Throughout the year dust settles in cracks and eventually cakes to a point where it’s difficult to get off.  By pressure washing your home once a year, you’ll keep your home looking shiny and new.


Making sure your walls are caulked is vitally important.  Caulking will prevent moisture from getting into the façade and destroying it from the inside.

Doing a sweep of any edges or cracks in your home’s exterior walls to see where moisture might be seeping can save you both grief and money in the long run.

Caulking itself can take a bit of practice and be a bit messy. But it's better to spend a few dollars on caulk than a few thousand dollars on home repair.

Hassle-Free Spring Exterior Painting

Cumming’s premier painting company, Kimberly Painting, is excited to give you a hassle-free spring exterior painting experience. We do a comprehensive, full-service check of every area that is scheduled to get painted.

Once the job is done, your home doesn’t just have a new color. It’s a completely revitalized space that will be both pleasing to look at and help raise your property value.

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