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Greige Paint Colors

Gray + Beige = Gorgeous Greige Paint Colors

Greige, a trending neutral may be just what you’re looking for to refresh your walls and home decor.

There’s a reason grays have remained popular for more than a decade. As a neutral color, gray paint colors complement almost every style of home, both as an exterior and an interior shade. For similar reasons, beige was a popular neutral which trended at the beginning of the 2000s.

What if you like both gray and beige, but these two neutrals simply don’t blend well with the other colors you like?

Introducing Greige Paint Colors

It's the new trending hybrid neutral, which offers a beautiful alternative to grays and beiges. It blends a little of each to create a fresh look. Depending on the amounts blended, it can take on a variety of hues ranging from cool to warm.

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Greige-Sherwin-Williams-Perfect Greige-SW6073-Kimberly Painting-600x400
Greige-Sherwin-Williams-Mega Greige-SW7031-Kimberly Painting-600x400

Ideas For Using Greige Paint Colors

You can use this trending neutral instead of gray and/or beige in most rooms. The ratio of gray to beige will go a long way in determining which rooms to apply it to.

A color swatch with a higher percentage of gray will produce a cool, clean look. This is perfect for the kitchen. When you combine this color with whites and blues (other cool colors), you can create a traditional-looking kitchen without the gray usually present in this color palette.

For living rooms and bedrooms, you’ll probably want to go with a warmer shade. You can achieve this with a higher proportion of beige in the mix. Sherwin Williams Windsor Greige and Mega Greige both have undertones of yellow and brown, which complement and enhance the beige.

Want Help Choosing Interior Paint Colors?

Choosing an interior painting color palette can seem daunting. This is especially true when discovering a new color, such as greige.

The team at Kimberly Painting can advise you on the best use of paint colors in your home. Let us arrange a no-obligation on-site color consultation to answer all your questions! Contact us today.