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Front Door Paint Colors and Exterior Trim

Exterior paint offers one of the best returns on investment of most home modifications or repairs. Front door paint colors are a great place to start when both maintaining and updating the look of your home.

The Best Front Door Paint Colors To Match Your Style

The Classics

These three basics match almost any color scheme. Far from boring, they allow unlimited choices in trim shades. For a professional look, match both the door and trim to the siding.

Black – The most daring of the classic choices, black displays confidence while easily matching other colors.

Sherwin Williams' Inkwell with Alabaster trim combines two traditional colors in a stunning, unexpected way.

White – Fresh and clean, white cools like other neutrals. It brings the added benefit of fitting any scheme.

Sherwin Williams Duration Extra White on the door with Quest Gray trim is a cannot miss.

Red – A bolder option, but still traditional. Paired with a blue or a gray it matches most exterior paint schemes. Benjamin Moore’s Million Dollar Red with a Pike’s Peak Gray brings a world of possibilities.

Front Door Paint Colors - Black, Beige, Brown - Cumming GA Exterior House Painters - Kimberly Painting 300x400
Front Door Paint Colors - Red, Gray, White - Cumming, GA - Kimberly Painting 300x400
Black Door White Trim Beige Exterior Paint Color Scheme - Cumming GA - Kimberly Painting 300x400

Neutral and Natural Front Door Paint Colors

Blue/Green – Green and blue are natural colors that change up the look and feel without too much risk.

For a green door consider Sherwin William’s Shamrock with Supreme Green trim.

With blues, Benjamin Moore's Symphony Blue paired with Nightfall add depth to your porch.

Neutrals – If you have a glass door, or large windows, definitely explore neutral paint color tones. One great way to create this look is with Benjamin Moore’s Wenge with Soft Sand Trim.

Green Front Door Paint Color - White Trim - Cumming GA - Kimberly Painting 300x400
Neutral Front Door Paint Color - Exterior Painting Contractors - Cumming GA - Kimberly Painting 300x400
Front Door Paint Colors - Blue Door, White Trim - Exterior House Painters - Cumming, GA - Kimberly Painting

If you want to make your door look like it's made of stone, but don’t want to commit to metal, consider Quest Gray and Alabaster from Sherwin Williams.

If you love the idea of purple, which is a popular color these days, you can pair Benjamin Moore’s Purple Rain with Lemon Ice. The nice thing about these is you can use either for the door and the other for the trim.

Choose front door paint colors that reveal your personality and welcome visitors inside your home.

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