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Exterior Painting Techniques and Trends

Exterior painting techniques and color schemes are the first impressions people get of your home when they visit or pass by. And when exterior paint is applied correctly, it extends the life of your siding and increases the value of your home.

Exterior Painting Techniques for a Fresh Look

Be inspired by these easy exterior paint color combinations that fit any house style and neighborhood.

No Nonsense Neutrals

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Neutral palettes are versatile and durable. Their connection to natural elements and ongoing popularity keep them among the classics.

The conservative nature of these colors means neutrals look right on most house styles. You can also stay in a color family and create a great number of variations from subtle to bold. All while matching your home to the landscape.

Neutrals come in many varieties. Create a warm vision that matches nature with Sherwin-Williams Balanced Beige, China Doll, and Stone Lion.

For a cooler stone-inspired look, explore Benjamin Moore Sweatshirt Gray and Westcott Navy.

Dazzling White

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White paint fits any home style. One of the benefits of white exterior paint colors is how well they pair with other colors. Choose from endless accent and trim color combinations.

Known for highlighting the best features of a house, white shades put contrasting colors in the spotlight. Additionally, a white house appears sparkling clean and fresh.

For example, Sherwin-Williams High Reflective White with Snowbound door and trim provide a clean, high quality look.

Delightfully Dark

Dark Exterior Painting Techniques and Trends - Cumming, GA - Kimberly Painting

Don't be afraid of dark paint schemes which convey strength and confidence. However, exterior painting techniques such as careful preparation and repairs, professional-quality brushes and rollers, and smooth application are important to aesthetics and longevity.

Deep blues, grays, blacks, and charcoals can be the best-dressed, and most approachable, homes on the block. Combining a deep black with a solid gray is a modern look.

For instance, Benjamin Moore’s Midnight Dream with white dove trim creates a wonderful contrast.

Adding A Splash of Color

Bold colors don't have to define or overwhelm the look of your home. Used properly, they can draw attention to a specific feature.

Consider a burnt orange door with a beige exterior, a deep blue to accent your crisp white siding, or even a bold red front door with your dark exterior.

The best exterior paint color schemes represent your personality - whether bright and inviting, a quiet retreat, dark and moody, or painted for beauty and function.

Exterior painting techniques provide lasting quality while color brings your home to life.