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Exterior Paint Colors: Examining Exterior Paint Schemes

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Your North Atlanta Home

A new exterior painting project can completely transform the way your home looks and feels. But if you want to actually improve your home’s appearance, you need to pick the perfect color.

So what color should you paint your home? There isn’t a right answer to that question. But that’s not what you wanted to hear, was it?

Don’t worry – just because there isn’t a single best exterior painting color doesn’t mean there aren’t guidelines and suggestions to help you.

Here is a quick guide to trends, rules, and tips to help you make your paint color decisions.

Exterior Paint Colors-3-color scheme pink black and white-Kimberly Painting-600x400

This charming Cape Cod is painted pink (a new trending shade in north Atlanta) with white trim and black accents.

Green Colonial house with fresh exterior paint in Alpharetta, GA

A stately Colonial is stunning in a cool coastal scheme featuring a green body with white trim and blue accents.

The 3-Color Scheme

You've probably noticed that the best painted houses in your community use a 3-color scheme. Let's analyze the way it works.

Main: Also called 'body', this is the primary color that covers the largest surface area of your home. If your home is brick, as many are in north Atlanta, that red, brown, gray or white brick is your main color.

Trim: Architectural details, like window and door frames, fascia, and other decorative elements are usually painted a contrasting color. But you can use a lighter or darker shade of the main color for the trim as well.

Accent: The third color is used to highlight specific features like the door, shutters or porch columns.

Honor Your Home's Architectural Design

We live in a unique area steeped not only in history, but pride in the appearance of our homes.

Think about when your house was constructed, and consider a palette popular in your home’s historical era. You might think classic means blah, but Atlanta's homeowners of the past actually appreciated vibrant paint colors!

Exterior Paint Colors-Cape Cod-north Atlanta-Kimberly Painting-300x300

Cape Cod

Exterior Paint Colors -Craftsman - north-Atlanta


Exterior Painting Costs - Ranch Home in Vinings GA - Kimberly Painting


Architectural Styles in Atlanta

You can find just about any style of home in the Metro Atlanta area, from cute Cape Cod and charming Craftsman to stately Colonial, mid-century Ranch and Contemporary. The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. birth home is an example of a Queen Anne.

So, looking at historical paint colors for inspiration might be just the ticket for your home's new exterior paint.

Picking Exterior Paint Colors for a Brick House

Brick is ubiquitous in north Atlanta communities. So, consider your bricks as the primary siding color, and complement with paint for trim and details.

Since bricks come in red, brown, tan and white, there is no one-color-fits-all trim choice.

Use the same strategy to match vinyl and aluminum siding.

Exterior Paint Colors-Brown Brick with Off White Accent-north Atlanta-Kimberly Painting-300x300

Red brick with off-white trim and taupe accents

Exterior Paint Colors-Red Brick with Green Roof-north Atlanta-Kimberly Painting-300x300

Red brick with white trim and green accents

Exterior Paint Colors -Tan Brick with Blue Accent -north Atlanta

Brown brick with beige trim and dark blue accents

Matching Exterior Paint Color to Your Roof

People often overlook the roof when choosing the primary color of their home. Get it wrong and the house will look off.

If you have a brown roof consider shades of tan, beige, red, orange, or yellow. Think warm colors.

With a gray or black roof, you may want variants of gray, blue, green or purple. Head towards the cooler shades to match it.

There are a couple approaches for a green roof. Earth tones like beiges, browns and lighter grays are one. The other is classic black or charcoal trim with a white or off-white base.

Do you have a red roof? Exterior color choices can be similar to those for green roofs. But avoid most earthy colors or your home may look faded.

Exterior Paint Colors-Gray Roof and Blue Siding-Kimberly Painting-600x400

Gray roof with blue siding looks sharp

Exterior Paint Colors-Brown Roof and Blue Siding-Kimberly Painting-600x400

Blue siding with brown roof looks off

Keep Your Neighbors’ Exterior Paint Color Combinations in Mind

Match or Mix It Up?

Look at the homes on either side of you, and to a lesser degree, the rest of the block. Consider your neighbors' exterior paint colors. If you choose to blend in with the same colors, it will reinforce your community's aesthetic. But if you choose to stand out, make sure your colors complement, and not clash.

Tips to Complement the Neighborhood

You want to keep to a similar intensity (brightness or dullness of a color hue). It's also helpful to think about neutral, warm and cool colors. Reds and yellows are warm. Blues and greens are cool. White, gray and beige are neutral.

Let's say your neighbor on the south side painted in neutral colors, and your neighbor on the north side, painted their house in cool colors, you would want to paint in a cool or a neutral, avoiding the warm shades. If one neighbor went off-white, and the other has a red brick home, consider choosing a medium yellow, gray, or brown.

Exterior Paint Colors-White, gray and brick-Kimberly Painting-800x317

White on one side and red on the other side. Gray complements both while standing out.

Local Influences

It's always good to choose colors that work with the local environment, weather and natural features.

Most newer homes in Buckhead and other Atlanta suburbs showcase a neutral, natural exterior, reserving a pop of personality for other features like trim, shutters, and front doors.

If you are prepping your house for sale, these considerations become even more important.


Popular Exterior Color Schemes In North Atlanta

Let's look at some popular color combinations specific to the Atlanta area.

1. Black + Olive

The combination of black and olive offers a timeless and elegant aesthetic that can add depth and sophistication to a home's exterior. Black provides a bold and grounding presence, acting as a solid anchor and evoking a sense of durability. Meanwhile, olive complements this strength with its organic and calming qualities, reminiscent of nature and serenity.

Olive and Black Home Color Scheme with Brickwork

Together, these colors provide a harmonious contrast, creating an inviting ambiance that effortlessly marries the modern edge with earthy warmth. To achieve this look, consider Tricorn Black (SW 6258) and Rookwood Dark Green (SW 2816) for a balanced yet striking home exterior that stands out while remaining harmonious with natural surroundings.

2. Forest Green + Red

Marrying forest green with red creates an exterior house paint scheme that evokes both nature and tradition. Forest green embodies the deep, serene hues of nature, grounding a home with an organic richness. When paired with red, it adds an unexpected yet delightful burst of vibrancy reminiscent of holiday cheer or the changing colors of autumn leaves.

To accentuate this vibrant pairing, consider introducing matte black or wrought iron details in railings, lanterns, or fixtures. Incorporate pale gold or creamy beige trims to soften and frame the bold colors. Additionally, touches of natural wood, either in furniture, doorways, or shutters, can introduce a rustic charm that harmonizes seamlessly with the scheme, crafting an exterior that's both bold and welcoming.

3. Beige + Vibrant Blue

This beige and vibrant blue create a fresh and lively exterior house paint scheme, striking the perfect balance between subtle warmth and vivacious energy. Beige serves as a gentle and neutral backdrop, resonating with the earthy tones of nature and ensuring a timeless appeal. In contrast, the vibrant blue gives a burst of excitement, introducing character and vibrancy.

A suburban Atlanta home with a light tan and vibrant blue color scheme

4. Light Yellow + Clay Red

This color scheme creates a sun-kissed and earthy vibe, evoking thoughts of Mediterranean vacations and sun-drenched countryside. Light yellow infuses the setting with a warm, sunny glow, echoing the first light of dawn or the golden hue of the late afternoon sun. The clay red completes the Southern European elegance. To accentuate the pairing, consider introducing deep bronze or rich brown elements in window frames, gates, or garden fixtures and a delicate white or ivory trim.

5. White + Dark Gray

The classic duo of white and dark gray creates a refined and elegant exterior house paint scheme. The juxtaposition between light and dark tones results in a timeless and chic aesthetic that suits both contemporary and traditional home designs. Pure White (SW 7005) and Peppercorn (SW 7674) are a classic combination.

White and Dark Gray home with wooden accents and vibrant landscaping

For accents, consider metallic touches, like matte gold or brushed copper, or introduce wooden elements to bring warmth and organic texture to the setting. Deep green plants or shrubs can also lend a splash of color, enhancing the scheme's versatility and charm.

What Exterior Paint Colors Do You Prefer?

Feeling inspired yet? If you're ready to pick your exterior paint colors and get the job done, Kimberly Painting has your back. If you're still unsure about what colors to pick, our team of color specialists would be happy to help! Check our gallery for more ideas!

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