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Exterior Paint Colors: Examining Exterior Paint Schemes

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Your Painting Project

I bet you know a few things about choosing exterior paint colors. You want something safe and eco-friendly. You also want quality paint so the color won't fade.

Below, you'll find friendly advice on how to put together a combination of exterior paint colors for a beautiful home.

Consider the Most Popular Exterior House Paint Colors

Traditional never goes out of style

  • White and off-white
  • Tan
  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Blue

While these classics have benefits, so does making your home fit your style.

Keep Your Neighbors’ Exterior Paint Color Combinations in Mind

Look at the homes on either side of you and, to a lesser degree, the rest of the block. You want to keep to a similar intensity (brightness or dullness of a color hue).

Now consider your neighbors' exterior paint colors. You don’t want to imitate them, but your colors should match, not clash.

If you have neutral colors on one side and cool ones on the other, avoid warm shades. If one neighbor went off-white, and the other red, consider a medium yellow, gray, or brown.

Also, think about painting your trim in the same family one of your neighbors' used on their exterior.

Your Local Area Should Influence You

Beyond local pride, we normally choose what works best in the local environment, weather and natural features.

Most newer homes in Buckhead and other Atlanta suburbs showcase a neutral, natural exterior with a flash of color and personality in other features like trim, shutters, and front doors.

If you are prepping your house for sale, these considerations become even more important.

Matching Exterior Paint Color Schemes to Your Roof

If you have a brown roof consider shades of tan, beige, red, orange, or yellow. Think warm colors.

With a gray or black roof, you may want variants of gray, blue, green or purple. Head towards the cooler shades to match it.

There are a couple approaches for a green roof. Earth tones like beiges, browns and lighter grays are one. The other is classic black or charcoal trim with a white or off-white base.

Do you have a red roof? Exterior color choices can be similar to those for green roofs. But avoid most earthy colors or your home may look faded.

Exterior Paint Colors Can Affect the Apparent Size of Your Home

Dark colors push your house back. They also make it appear smaller. On the other hand, lighter colors pull it forward and make it look larger.

Matching the Trim

Fitting the trim into your exterior paint color combination is nice and easy. You can keep it in the family. Pick a color a few shades lighter or darker than the primary.

If you want the classic look, choose white or off-white. Either way features like vents and gutters should be the same color.

Working Shutters into Exterior Paint Color Schemes

Choose your shutter colors based on the primary exterior color you have chosen. Do not do this in reverse.

There are two options with your shutters:

Stay classic. For a traditional style pick black or white for your shutters.

Something modern. Bolder colors match the contemporary style. Remember to pick something that fits with the surrounding homes.

Picking Exterior Paint Colors for a Brick House

Look at your bricks, then pretend you chose their coloring as the base color for your home. Complimentary colors are important here. Red bricks can contain more purple, brown, or red. They are not all the same.

With many brick homes, the best trim and accent colors are:

  • Plum or other dark purples
  • Yellows
  • Whites and off whites
  • Greens
  • Grays
  • Black and charcoals
  • Wood Stains

You can match vinyl and aluminum siding the same way.

Choosing Your Accent Colors

Exterior Paint Color Combinations - Tan House - Blue Door - Kimberly Painting - Cumming GA


Look inside your front door. If you have a piece of furniture, artwork, or another feature that everyone sees, and that you intend to keep there long-term, then think about matching one of its colors to create a flow between exterior and interior.

For the door itself, stick to the traditional - Blues, reds, and black all qualify. In some areas, green does as well.

Consider features of your home that stand out. Beyond the roof, brick, and/or siding, what gets attention? Do you have a garden that draws the eye? What about a tree you love?

Are there metals or other decorative fixtures on your house? If so, look for colors that match with them and also match your exterior color scheme.

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Special Considerations for Your Neighborhood

We live in a unique area steeped not only in history but pride in the appearance of our homes.

Think about when your house was constructed. It is great to go modern, but consider a palette popular in your home’s era. Remember that classic does not mean blah.

A pristine white home is wonderful if you make sure to mix it up with trim and accents.

Modern can also be good; just avoid too much conflict with other homes in the area. When you have a colorful home, you want it to look like the belle of the ball, not a kid’s party clown.

But we know you would never do that to your house!

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Popular Exterior Color Schemes In Atlanta

Here are some popular color combinations specific to the Atlanta area.

Olive and Black Home Color Scheme with Brickwork

1. Black + Olive

The combination of black and olive offers a timeless and elegant aesthetic that can add depth and sophistication to a home's exterior. Black provides a bold and grounding presence, acting as a solid anchor and evoking a sense of durability. Meanwhile, olive complements this strength with its organic and calming qualities, reminiscent of nature and serenity.

Together, these colors provide a harmonious contrast, creating an inviting ambiance that effortlessly marries the modern edge with earthy warmth. To achieve this look, consider Tricorn Black (SW 6258) and Rookwood Dark Green (SW 2816) for a balanced yet striking home exterior that stands out while remaining harmonious with natural surroundings.

2. Forest Green + Red

Marrying forest green with red creates an exterior house paint scheme that evokes both nature and tradition. Forest green embodies the deep, serene hues of nature, grounding a home with an organic richness. When paired with red, it adds an unexpected yet delightful burst of vibrancy reminiscent of holiday cheer or the changing colors of autumn leaves.

To accentuate this vibrant pairing, consider introducing matte black or wrought iron details in railings, lanterns, or fixtures. Incorporate pale gold or creamy beige trims to soften and frame the bold colors. Additionally, touches of natural wood, either in furniture, doorways, or shutters, can introduce a rustic charm that harmonizes seamlessly with the scheme, crafting an exterior that's both bold and welcoming.

A suburban Atlanta home with a light tan and vibrant blue color scheme

3. Light Tan + Vibrant Blue

Light tan and vibrant blue create a fresh and lively exterior house paint scheme, striking the perfect balance between subtle warmth and vivacious energy. Light tan serves as a gentle and neutral backdrop, resonating with the earthy tones of nature and ensuring a timeless appeal. In contrast, the vibrant blue gives a burst of excitement, introducing character and vibrancy. Try out Accessible Beige (SW 7036) and Dynamic Blue (SW 6958) to invoke an inviting and captivating feel.

4. Light Yellow + Clay Red

This color scheme creates a sun-kissed and earthy vibe, evoking thoughts of Mediterranean vacations and sun-drenched countryside. Light yellow infuses the setting with a warm, sunny glow, echoing the first light of dawn or the golden hue of the late afternoon sun. The clay red completes the Southern European elegance. To accentuate the pairing, consider introducing deep bronze or rich brown elements in window frames, gates, or garden fixtures and a delicate white or ivory trim.

White and Dark Gray home with wooden accents and vibrant landscaping

5. White + Dark Gray

The classic duo of white and dark gray creates a refined and elegant exterior house paint scheme. The juxtaposition between light and dark tones results in a timeless and chic aesthetic that suits both contemporary and traditional home designs. Pure White (SW 7005) and Peppercorn (SW 7674) are a classic combination.

For accents, consider metallic touches, like matte gold or brushed copper, or introduce wooden elements to bring warmth and organic texture to the setting. Deep green plants or shrubs can also lend a splash of color, enhancing the scheme's versatility and charm.

Some Other Honorable Mentions

One of the things that makes Atlanta great is its diversity, both culturally and stylistically. Of course, there are many other popular color combinations that can be found in our beautiful city, like:

  • Tan, forest green, and light blue
  • Beige and tan
  • Olive, brown, and off-white
  • White and dark grey
  • White and tan
  • White and off-white

Feeling inspired yet? If you're ready to pick your exterior paint colors and get the job done, Kimberly Painting has your back. If you're still unsure about what colors to pick, our team of color specialists would be happy to help!

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