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Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Brick Homes

Exterior Painting Color Ideas for a Brick HouseMost people paint the inside of their home quite regularly, and it's easy to understand why.

A fresh coat of paint can transform a dull, boring, or plain room into something exciting.

It can allow you to freshen up a room and breathe new life into your existing furniture. Best of all, it's easy.

However, most people completely ignore the outside of their home. Did you know it's possible to paint the outside of your brick home? Not only is it possible, it's a great way to add value, increase curb appeal, and have the dream home you have always wanted.

Want a few exterior painting color ideas for painting your Lawrenceville brick home? Here are some ideas to use and avoid.

Exterior Painting Color Ideas

Pick colors that will complement or work with the rest of your home. If you have a dark roof with black shingles, for example, picking a deep color for the bricks can make your home feel too dull.

Likewise, picking a bright white or tan color if you have a light gray (or other brightly colored) roof will wash all of the architectural details away.

While a bright color (such as a blue, yellow, or even tan) will look amazing, the color can dull and turn dirty over time.

Keep in mind that brick tends to hold onto dirt and debris (since it is porous) more than traditional siding. That means your home will get dirty faster than it would if you had another type of siding.

You will need to commit to cleaning your home once a year (at least) if you want a vibrant color. Otherwise you will need to pick a color that does not show dirt as easily.

Bad Ideas

You should not paint brick that is falling apart or in bad condition.

Bricks can deteriorate over time. And when they do, painting them will not solve the problem. You cannot use any color of paint to hide a structural problem.

Lastly, make sure you hire professional exterior painters from the Metro Atlanta area to paint your home. While you might be able to do your dining room alone, exterior painting is better left to the pros.

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