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Exterior Curb Appeal

To maximize the look of your home from the street and in photos, implement some of these exterior curb appeal tips.

Even the smallest changes drastically increase buyer interest and offers if your home is for sale.

If you're not selling, add beauty to your home's exterior for your own enjoyment and comfort.

4 Lawn and Garden Techniques

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Planters – Flower planters brighten the front entry and cheerfully invite visitors inside.

Plant a Tree – Plant a tree as a focal point in the front yard. Surround it with flowers, mulch, or landscaping rock for groundcover.

Pruning and Gardening – Ensure the lawn is well tended. Prune trees and bushes. If you have a garden, keep it weeded and thriving.

Lighting – Add lighting (wired or solar) along paths for both safety and aesthetics. Consider additional lights to highlight trees, structures, and the front of the home.

6 Adornments from Street to Door

Mailboxes – Make sure your mailbox looks nice and is in good condition.

Fences and Gates – Maintain gates and fencing, and add fresh paint.

Art and Decor – Items such as a fountain, lawn furniture, pottery, a wishing well, birdbath and other decoration add charm.

Lights and Fixtures – Ensure your lights are bright and your fixtures are clean and rust-free.

Exterior Hardware and Front Door – Replace door handles and locks with new ones that match the home. Consider freshening the front door paint color.

House Numbers – Get pretty house numbers that are highly visible.

13 Exterior Curb Appeal Touches

Exterior Painting - Cumming, GA - Curb Appeal by Exterior Painters

Exterior Painting – A fresh paint job is the number one component of exterior curb appeal.

Roofing – Match the roof with your exterior if possible. Keep it clean and well maintained.

Window Boxes – Full of flowers or herbs, window boxes bring life, depth, and dimension to the exterior of your home.

Trim – Freshly painted trim that compliments the siding gives your exterior curb appeal a clean, sleek look.

Shutters – Add or update shutters for a cozy, classic impression.

Gutters and Downspouts – Your gutter system should work as intended and be regularly maintained. Hire professional gutter cleaning and repair.

Repair Damaged Siding and Trim – Kimberly Painting can perform siding and trim repair as part of your exterior painting project.

Clean Up Concrete – Remove moss and weeds from walkways and driveways, and repair cracks and chips.

Rails – Verify that all railings are safe and maintained. Repair or replace them as needed and paint them to match the house.

Decks – Ensure structural integrity of the deck for safety. Have your deck professionally cleaned, stained, painted, or sealed.

PorchPorch repair, staining and painting protects and beautifies your home.

Windows – Clean, modern, energy-efficient windows are an important part of your home’s appeal.

Pressure Wash – From decks to siding to concrete, pressure wash your home to make sure it is pristine and beautiful.

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Take a Tour of Your Exterior

Now that you have the front exterior in order, don’t forget to keep the side and back yards neat and tidy. Create an inviting sitting area, add flowers and landscaping, and install good lighting.

Contact Kimberly Painting for a free estimate consultation. During an exterior painting project, we'll perform a thorough structural checkup and partner with you in enhancing your home's exterior curb appeal.