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The Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The average cost to paint kitchen cabinets is typically a few thousand dollars in Northern Atlanta, GA. This pricing depends on several factors, including the size of the project, materials, labor, and repairs. Let's discuss what factors in to the cost to paint kitchen cabinets and how you can save money on this project.

What Is the Average Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

The cost to paint kitchen cabinets varies greatly. Low-quality stock cabinets cost from $8,000 to $12,000 installed, again depending on the size and layout of your kitchen. You can easily spend $30,000 on semi-custom or custom cabinetry. And, of course, a complete replacement or full kitchen makeover costs much more.

When you hire a professional cabinet painter, you won't get an exact cost without an onsite visit. If you find a painter willing to give an estimate over the phone, don't expect that to be the final cost.

Do-It-Yourself Cabinet Painting

Painting Kitchen Cabinets - Removing Old Cabinet Doors - Kimberly Painting - Cumming, GAYou might think the DIY option will save you money. But there are hidden costs to painting kitchen cabinets most homeowners don't realize.

First, consider the tools and supplies needed for preparation, sanding, repair, painting, and cleanup. You'll find yourself making multiple trips to the home improvement store for more and more items you didn't think you'd need initially.

And don't forget about the paint itself. Invest in the best paint for kitchen cabinets for lasting coverage and durability.

Second, consider the investment of your personal time. Compared to painting your bedroom, for instance, kitchen cabinet painting is on another level. It is a lot harder, far more time-consuming, and comes with unexpected challenges. And after all that, the results might be disappointing.

If you haven't painted kitchen cabinets before, it really is a project for professional cabinet painters.

Meticulous Preparation is Key

Kimberly Painting completes the average cabinet painting project in two days.

There are multiple steps to kitchen cabinet painting. Preparation requires the most time and attention. Our process may include:

  • Set up a protected space to paint and dry the cabinets.
  • Remove cabinet doors, drawers, and all hardware.
  • Perform repairs to the doors, drawers, and frames. This may require carpentry work.
  • Repair or replace hinges and screws as needed.
  • Clean, dry, and sand cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Apply an oil-based stain-blocking primer.
  • Sand the cabinets again.
  • Apply the finish coat.
  • Reassemble the cabinetry.

Hiring Kimberly Painting Saves You Time and Money

Gorgeous White Kitchen Cabinets Gray Backsplash Black Countertops - cost to paint kitchen cabinetsWe've been helping homeowners in Buckhead, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas achieve their dream kitchen for over a decade. White cabinets or combinations of gray paint colors are the most popular.

You have endless options of kitchen paint colors that fit your personality, match a specific theme, or modernize the space.

The cost to paint kitchen cabinets is affordable and completely transforms your kitchen. Let Kimberly Painting give you a free, no-obligation quote. As an Accredited A+ painter, you can trust there will never be any surprises with the cost of your project.