Georgian Woman Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

4 Easy Steps to Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets Fast

Cleaning kitchen cabinets can be an easy and quick chore when you follow these steps from the professionals at Kimberly Painting. Protect and preserve your newly painted or stained cabinet finish with these tips:

1. Use The Best Cleaning Product

  • Warm water is the easiest and safest way to clean your kitchen cabinets.
  • Need a little extra help removing dirt and grease from cabinets? Add a few drops of clear dish soap. It was developed to break down kitchen grease and remove food particles.
  • Mild, clear dish soap is safe for use on stained and painted cabinets.

Avoid Abrasive Products and Harsh Chemicals

  • Never use abrasive or harsh chemicals on your cabinets.
  • Products like magic erasers or cleaning powders act like micro-fine sandpaper damaging the finish.
  • Commercially marketed oil soaps and furniture polishes are not only expensive, but also leave residue that attracts dirt. Oils and polishes also prevent you from updating the finish (with new paint or stain) without a full sand and buff.

Avoid Disinfectants For Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

  • The chemicals in disinfectant sprays and wipes break down paint and the finish on wood.
  • Avoid spraying disinfectant products on your kitchen cabinets.
  • Never wipe cabinets with Clorox or other disinfecting wipes.
Black Faucet Running in newly painted Buckhead kitchen
A yellow microfiber dish towel, a great option for cleaning kitchen cabinets
Closeup of Dish Soap Liquid Bubbles after cleaning kitchen cabinets

2. Use The Best Material for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

  • Soft microfiber works great for cleaning. Microfiber is inexpensive, strong, and washable.
  • Never use abrasive sponges – they damage the cabinet finish.

3. Clean Cabinets With Warm Water

  • Fill a clean bucket with warm water. If you want extra cleaning power, add a tablespoon of clear dish soap as you fill the bucket.
  • After dipping your microfiber cloth in the bucket, wring it out well. Damp is all you need.
  • As you wipe, pay special attention to the sides, any grooves in the surface and ledges on the door where grime collects.
  • Don’t forget to wipe your hardware, knobs and door pulls too.
  • Really hard-to-reach dirty areas? Use a very soft, wet toothbrush in gentle motions to loosen the dirt in grooves and channels.

4. Rinse and Dry

  • If you use soap, don’t forget to rinse before you dry. Leaving soap residue on the cabinets actually encourages faster dirt buildup.
  • Dip a fresh microfiber cloth in clear warm water, wring it out well like before and wipe the entire surface. Rinse this cloth between doors as you go to keep it fresh and clean.
  • Dry the cabinets well. Make sure you dry raised door panel grooves where liquid collects.
Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets-Stained Cabinets and Blue Countertop in Buckhead GA

Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets Protects Your Investment

We expose kitchen cabinets to a ton of wear and tear, dirt, and grime. Your kitchen is the most used room in the house and, let’s face it, sometimes the messiest.

If your kitchen needs more than kitchen cabinet cleaning to look fresh and new, Kimberly Painting is here to help. We offer full-service kitchen cabinet painting to the good people of Buckhead Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Give your kitchen a new look at a fraction of the cost of full kitchen cabinet replacement!