Tips on interior and exterior painting, paint products, terminology, and processes. How hard could it be to paint? Learn from the pros at Kimberly Painting.

4 Easy Steps to Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets Fast

Cleaning kitchen cabinets can be an easy and quick chore when you follow these steps from the professionals at Kimberly Painting. Protect and preserve your newly painted or stained cabinet finish with these tips: 1. Use The Best Cleaning Product Warm water is the easiest and safest way to clean your … Read More

What is VOC and Why Is it Bad in Paint

As you’ve done your research for paint companies and paints, in general, you’ve likely come across the term “low-VOC”. You know it’s a good thing. But what is VOC, and why do paint companies advertise their paints as low-VOC? The following is everything you should know about VOC. What Is … Read More

What Is In Your House Paint?

We apply house paint for many uses, including protection, sanitation, and beautification. What Is In House Paint? Many Atlanta painting companies sell different brands and colors of paint. But they are all made of the same basic components. Let’s look a little closer at what house paint is made of. … Read More

Painting Your Home: How Hard Could It Be?

If you find yourself dismayed by the scuff marks, the bad paint job, outdated wallpaper, or poor color choice on your walls, perhaps it’s time to repaint. At Kimberly Painting, we share with you a few reasons why it’s best to leave painting your home to professional interior painters. Prep … Read More