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Exterior Paint Colors for Your Cape Cod Style House

It's the exterior paint colors that set Cape Cod style houses in Atlanta neighborhoods apart from their New England roots.

One of the best features of a Cape Cod home is its symmetry. The rectangular shape of the house coordinates in proportion with other features for a very pleasing look.

Most have a center front door and double-hung windows spaced equally on either side to ensure a symmetrical appearance.

Atlanta Cape Cod House Colors

Exterior decorations or adornments are unnecessary. The Cape Cod architectural design speaks for itself. All you need is an appropriate exterior paint color scheme in two or three colors to showcase its beauty.

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Popular exterior paint colors in Atlanta for a traditional style home include shades of gray or bright white with either dark green or black shutters.

Consider Sherwin-Williams black Iron Ore paired with Extra White on the body. Add a pop of color by painting the front door a rich Red Bay.

Atlanta Flavor

Give your a unique Georgia flair with Crescent Cream and Deer Valley. The home features a beautiful green painted front door.

You might also consider a pale yellow for the body contrasted with white trim and black shutters. If your Cape Cod is brick, try white or pale yellow for windows and trim.

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Earthy Neutrals

Mix and match beige shades with a brown cocoa paint color for the accent, along with white trim, for a unique look that's sure to please.

Greige tones (gray + beige) are also a popular choice on Cape Cods. Use white on the body with a dark greige accent, or the reverse with a mid-range greige and creamy white trim.

Dark Green or Blue-Gray

Flaunt the lush landscape of Atlanta's beautiful suburbs with exterior painting colors in dark greens or blue-grays.

Consider Sherwin-Williams Forever Green, Oyster Bay, or Slate Tile. Pair it with an antique white trim and black shutters.

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Why are Cape Cod Style Houses Desirable in Atlanta?

Characteristics that made the Cape Cod a great living space in the past are still desirable today.

  • Rectangular symmetry.
  • Spacious with a fully usable floor plan.
  • Affordable and easy to build.
  • Iconic gabled roof windows.

Origin of the Cape Cod House Style

The original Cape Cod style homes date back to the Puritans who colonized America. In fact, Timothy Dwight IV, the president of Yale University, coined the name “Cape Cod house” in 1800.

The house included one and a half stories. Early New Englanders built them for function. They featured sturdy wood frames and steep gabled roofs, which allowed ice and snow to slide right off.

These, and other characteristics, led to a resurgence of Cape Cod style architecture in the 1920s and 1930s. Builders constructed these homes to meet the needs of returning WWII soldiers who wanted homes of their own for their growing families.

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Modern Style Cape Cods

Cape Cod floor plans expanded to accommodate bigger rooms and larger upper stories.

As time went on, builders added dormer windows to the top floor sleeping areas. This gave extra height and allowed in natural light. Exterior paint color combinations also evolved over the decades.

Today, they build many with two full floors, additions, garages, porches, and larger dormers to expand the livability of the upstairs area. These modern updates, combined with classic symmetry, ease of construction, and fully functional square footage, keep them popular today. Kimberly Painters has experience painting Craftsman, Colonial, Ranch and Contemporary style homes as well.

Experienced Exterior Painting Services in the Atlanta Area

At Kimberly Painting, our professional painters and carpenters appreciate the beauty of Cape Cod house styles. We'll help you give your home the perfect curb appeal in an exterior paint color scheme you love.