Important Questions to Ask before Hiring Painters

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Painting is a lot more complicated than you might think at first. There are safety and health issues to consider, there are deadlines, and there is insurance. You want a professional painting job, and you want it done on time and consideration for the safety of everyone in your house. To ensure the best experience, ask these questions before you hire professional painters.

Do you have insurance and are your workers covered?

This is two-fold question. Both questions are important to Roswell businesses. The painting company should have insurance, first of all. Also, the insurance should cover its workers. Some painting companies employ full-time workers, some use contractors. Both can do a great job and provide excellent service, just make sure any painter that enters your home is covered by insurance in case an accident should happen. It’s also not a bad idea to ask for a copy of their insurance certificate.

How long will it take to finish the job? Will you finish on time?

It’s important to establish the deadline for the job at the very beginning; otherwise it could drag on or simply never get finished. Make sure the painters are committed to showing up on time, leaving on time, and being productive while working. You may have to compromise for unexpected weather; however, the painters should be able to give your house their full attention when the weather permits.

How will you protect my property?

You should assume that any painter you hire to work on your house will protect your property, the question is how. They should be able to provide a ready answer. They should be willing to move furniture and wall hangings when necessary (as well as replace them), they should cover objects with tarps or painting sheets, and they should remove dirty shoes in the house or provide ground cover to protect your floors.

What brand of paint do you recommend?

This question allows you to test the painter’s knowledge while getting an idea of the type of paint being used for your house. You want a high-quality brand as well as a type of paint that matches the job, such as more durable paints for outdoors and a variety of colors and finishes for indoor jobs. Discuss your ideas and wishes with the painter so they understand your expectations before starting.

Will the painters at my home be trustworthy and courteous?

You would like to assume that any hired worker will be professional, but that is not always the case. Ask the company about the background of the painters and their professionalism. If you do not want to hear foul language or smell cigarette smoke, then explain your wishes first. This question will also help you get a sense of their customer service and the amount of courtesy and consideration you can expect during the job.

How will you handle any issues with lead or dust?

This question shows the painter that you have done your homework and gives the painter an opportunity to share knowledge with you. Lead and dust can be serious issues, causing allergies in mild cases or toxicity in the case of lead. Older homes are more likely to have lead-based paint that must be removed in an approved way. Dust and debris should also be handled with the appropriate equipment. Ask your painter how they will remove these substances and prevent them from remaining in your house.

After all of those questions, you should feel nice and confident in your house painters. Good luck!

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