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Duration®Exterior House Paint

Why is Sherwin-Williams Duration® the King of Exterior House Paint? Typically, I’ll include Duration® as an upgrade to Resilience® on my exterior painting estimates and explain why it is my top recommendation. Some of my customers specifically request Duration® because they’ve done their research and recognize its long-term value. I … Read More

4 Steps to Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painting Kitchen Cabinets More than any other area involved in house painting, kitchen cabinet painting has a wide variation in: ✔ Quality of products that you use ✔ Skill level of the painter ✔ Thoroughness of the project Painting kitchen cabinets the right way is an expensive undertaking relative to other painting projects. … Read More

The Importance of Repairing Cracks and Dings

Finally, it’s time to change things up in your Cumming area home. The “yesterday” look that you’ve grown accustomed to is finally ready for an update.  You’re armed and loaded with paint samples and color swaths and have some great ideas. A new interior painting job isn’t just about a change of … Read More

What is VOC and Why Is it Bad in Paint

As you’ve done your research for paint companies and paints, in general, you’ve likely come across the term “low-VOC”. You know it’s a good thing. But what is VOC and why do paint companies advertise their paints as low-VOC? The following is everything you should know about VOC. What Is VOC? … Read More

How Much Does Exterior House Painting Cost?

Your Cost to Paint: The Value of Professional Application On average, your home will need a good painting once every five to seven years or longer, if a professional does it. Homeowners who do the job themselves usually get four or less. Low-end paints decrease this timeframe. Whether you’re getting … Read More