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How to Choose Bathroom Paint Colors

What Color to Paint Your Bathroom?

Bathroom paint colors can be fun, dramatic, elegant, relaxing, fresh, modern, industrial, or vibrant - take your pick. The key is to select colors that personalize the space for you and your guests.

Before you select your paint color scheme, review our tips on how to make your bathroom both functional and gorgeous.

How to Choose Bathroom Paint Colors

What Do You See in the Mirror?

Indigo Blue Bathroom Paint Colors - Cumming, GA - Kimberly PaintingDon't overlook bathroom lighting and how it interacts with wall colors to affect your skin tone. For instance, bright yellows and greens can make you look sickly. Bright whites can make you look tired, and pale pinks can have you picking the wrong shade or amount of makeup.

TIP: Avoid lighting above the vanity mirror. Instead, try a pendant fixture with a translucent shade or sconces on each side of the mirror.

How Much Light is in Your Bathroom?

Bathroom Paint Colors-Gray and white-Cumming, GA-Kimberly Painting-150x150Placement and style of your lighting can make the difference between shaving in the shadows and applying makeup during a supernova. Too much light in a brightly colored bathroom makes you look washed out. Too little in a dark one feels like a dungeon.

Include a few different sources of lighting to make the room nice looking but also functional. Task lighting should be bright enough to compensate for darker walls.

TIP: We tend to look our best in warm light, where our imperfections are not immediately noticeable. Maximize natural light and select LEDs from 2700K to 6500K.

Contrast is Your Friend in Dark Spaces

Black Bathroom Paint Color Schemes - Cumming, GA - Kimberly PaintingDark bathroom paint colors are lovely if that's your preference. But they tend to pull the walls in and make the room seem smaller. Avoid claustrophobia by adding light-colored accents to create contrast and give the space a cozier feel.

The walls themselves can provide balance and drama. For example, add soft streaks of gold or white across black painted walls or hang oversized, textured decor. Shiny metal or glass are excellent accents that reflect the light those darker walls are absorbing.

TIP: Reflective surfaces brighten and expand a space. In addition to the vanity mirror, consider adding a second mirror to another wall or accenting with mirror-like decor.

Bathroom Maintenance is a Real Stinker

Neutral Painted Bathroom - Cumming, GA - Kimberly PaintingSo make it easier on yourself. Due to high humidity and the need for frequent cleaning, we recommend a semi-gloss paint product. It is durable, easy to clean, and mildew-resistant. Remember to wait at least two weeks after painting to use any water or cleaning agent on your walls.

TIP: If your bathroom is particularly damp, set out a pretty container of bath salts or soak your shower curtain in salt water before hanging it. The salt particles will help absorb some of that moisture.

Make a Statement with Bathroom Paint Colors!

Your bathroom doesn't have to match adjoining areas of your house. It's a room intended for privacy and comfort behind a closed door. So use bathroom paint colors that make you and your guests say wow. It's the perfect space to consider various bathroom color ideas and let your creativity flow.

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