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4 Easy Steps to Keep Your Walls Beautiful, Even With Children

There’s nothing like having children.  Their laughter and spirit seem to brighten any room that they’re in. 

Of course, their sticky fingers and crayons tend to do anything but make a room beautiful.  Parents of young children shouldn’t fret, though. 

There’s no reason that every house can’t have child-friendly interior painting and look as spectacular as it would in a sterile environment. 

4 Easy Steps to Beautiful Walls

There are four easy steps to keeping your walls as beautiful as the day they were painted, no matter what age the household residents are.

In fact, these steps will ensure that your walls stay as neat as your newlywed friends’ walls in their brand new condo!

Step 1 – Low-VOC Paint

Low-VOC paint is not only a more durable and healthier paint than cheaper options, but it also allows easier clean-up.  

Benjamin Moore’s Aura line is one of the best choices available for child-friendly interior painting and scrubbing down after the little ones. With the right quality paint, you can clean the walls as often as needed without worrying about compromising the color. 

And, just think, high-quality paint is certainly cheaper than teenagers, so enjoy cleaning the walls while you can!

Step 2 – Baby Gates

Dedicate one room – perhaps the formal dining or living room – as grown-up space and put up a baby gate to keep youngsters out. 

While certainly, your walls are safe with the right type of paint no matter what happens, you might as well save yourself the trouble of cleaning a room or two anyway.

Step 3 – Have the Right Cleaning Supplies and Use Them Correctly

Even without children, walls aren’t going to stay immaculate forever. 

✔  Oils from your hands will rub off on the walls

✔  Grease will splatter in the kitchen

✔  Mildew and water stains will form in the bathroom

✔  Dust will settle and begin to cake on walls

Having the right supplies for the right situation will keep your walls perfect for years to come. 

Make sure to keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in your arsenal, along with distilled vinegar, ammonia, bleach and even rubbing alcohol.  

More Wall Cleaning Tips

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